Have you ever been scared of expanding your audience or clientèle by fear of not having space for your life, feeling too much of their pain, struggling to find the balance between being of service and having a life?

I know I did, and it often prevented me from bringing projects to completion. As a result, despite my desire to share my creations, I either couldn’t communicate about them or couldn’t bring them to life.

What I was scared from is having my energy sucked by others and having people I would not even know personally tapping into my energy through my creations. I had to learn to set boundaries!

One evening, I imagined myself asking a question to a renowned healer when I suddenly heard his voice welcoming me and offering to leave my questions with him. 

I was so surprised, puzzled, and shocked! A gazillion questions flew in my mind for a millisecond:

  • Was I connecting with him? 
  • And if so, how would he handle his broad audience doing the same? 
  • What if I were to have a wider audience one day? 
  • Could I take that?

So I directly asked my guides and their answer was gold to me!

“You just connected to his answering machine!”

They truly got me intrigued there, so I asked them to develop:

When a human has an audience, they are supported equally from the invisible realms. The support is equal to the size of the audience and grows proportionally.

It is for you to let go of the idea that you are working on your path alone! 

We have your back and will be happy to activate your answering machine if you want to.”

I certainly wanted to! The answering machine idea was a piece of my puzzle to set boundaries, and maybe setting your answering machine, whether it is an energetically or actual automated response to your mailbox, could help you too.

How to switch it on? 

Well, use your creativity or your own words will always be the best way.

Personally, I asked for the support of my business guides and thanked them for that. I even extended my request to add questions and ideas that would be worth being inspired by to show up in my field when I was ready to write or record something so that this answering machine would actually answer those needing it.