Business Expansion
begins with
Personal Expansion.

Soul Business Expansion is about nurturing your being, offers, and clients equally so your business can evolve and thrive in harmony.

Welcome, fellow creators of the future of humanity!

Whether you are doing it one person, one group, one online program or one retreat at a time.


The 14th of February I will release a mini-course about mapping your business. You can already pre-order it to ensure you can play with it as soon as it is released.

See you soon in the course.


Welcome, fellow creators of the future of humanity!

Whether you are doing it one person, one group, one online program or one retreat at a time.

Soul-Driven Business Expansion

Your business is an energetic container created by you, the Universe and your Client’s collective. Your business reflects your frequency, and your ultimate goal is to allow yourself to let your essence broadcast freely and also enjoy fully your life.

However, you feel influenced by society’s definition of a successful solopreneur or get caught up in your thoughts, and that makes you question your intuition or how you want to expand. Deep down, you can feel that a 9 to 5 schedule, manipulative marketing techniques, or type A high-achieving methods do not work for you.

As a result, you are trying to apply new behaviours and patterns for your life and business and seek a more organic and intuitive way to expand your business according to your values and emotional system. 

Let’s be honest: walking a path of newness can be confusing and destabilizing, especially because there are not many reference points to hang on to. If that resonates with you, you are likely part of those co-creating Earth & earthlings’ future, and strengthening your self-confidence, trust in the process, and connection to your inner guidance is essential! 

The tools I create and channel are made for you then:

  • Meditations
  • Light Language activations
  • Practical channelling
  • Practical teachings

Meditations & Activations

Free Resources

If you have landed here, it is probably because

you are looking for new and unconventional ways to grow your business.

You may have already tried the old-school methods of being hyper-organized and strategic in your approach, but you have come to realize that those methods are not working for you.

As a solopreneur, you may seek a more intuition and guidance connected approach to leading an aligned business.

However, finding your way and trusting your instincts can be stressful. You might feel the need for inspiration, guidance or reassurance that you are on the right track. You are not alone in this journey! We all need gentle reminders and inspiration.

My online programs offer Light Language meditations and practical tools to help you grow self-trust and faith in the process.

They also provide exploration tools and nerve-calming approaches to support your mind, emotions, and energy so you can let what is in your heart guide your steps and unleash the full potential of your business.

Welcome to you, creator of the future!

Trying new modalities and experimenting to find your way of managing and holding space for your business will lead you to find your way to blossom. 

Meditations & Activations

You might not see yourself as a path opener, but the truth is that you are walking an unmarked path.

Your business and you chose each other based on your life experiences and the frequency you emit, allowing you to be yourself and find your unique style to inspire others.

Your work, whether it’s teaching, sharing, transmitting, helping transmute, or bringing beauty, opens up new possibilities and offers a space for others to grow.

You are a door opener, and, understandably, your journey can sometimes feel confusing or overwhelming.

This is where meditation and Light Language can help. Through the channelling I receive, my invisible coworkers bring frequencies and wisdom from future or higher dimensions to support and inspire trailblazers like you.

Your business matter but it doesn’t have to be serious all the time

Infusing joy and playfulness into the way you grow as a solopreneur will help you release fear and scarcity mindset and empower your intuition and trust in the process.

Fear and projections can easily slow a solopreneur success.

We can be so conditioned by how we think things should work or happen that we unconsciously create resistance to opportunities that may well empower our business.

I found that exploring my days through the lens of an oracle deck and practising a sense of humour as much as gratitude was way more powerful than limiting my possibilities with my mind.

The oracle decks I created are potent allies for self-exploration, whether it is for your professional or personal life.