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Individual coaching

Zen and Thriving

Be supported while you create your online program, shop, membership site, or opening your practice.

Online Courses

Christel Mesey - Signature Program Coach

Self-study programs to create your online course or website content and autonomous course to find your balance.

Web Design

Learn how to write the content of your website and have someone designing it for you on WordPress.


Find Drao Oracle, Notebooks, or intuitive art and light code Posters to bring a good vibe to your working place or home.

Bring your online or offline business to life with a Business Doula.

You don't need to know all the detail and outcomes to start something

Support the entrepreneurial and emotional facet of your being with the ancient wisdom of chakras, light codes, meditation, and creativity.

Finding the right balance between DOING and BEING, times of ACTION and times of GESTATION, need for LEARNING, INTEGRATION periods, and finally readiness to SHARE and TRANSMIT can be difficult when starting a business, creating an online course or shop, organizing a retreat, or in-person workshop.

Quite often a firework of beliefs and social myths of “have-to” pops into your heads.

Maybe what you read about social media presence scared you. Perhaps you have difficulties promoting your activities because you are a multipotential person. Maybe you are camera shy or oppositely you are a social media extrovert but have the feeling that your content has no coherence or is not fully aligned with who you are today.

I get that! It took me a while to find how to connect the Universe I propose to you today. 

I went through doubts, scarcity fears, impostor syndrome. I felt lost and found myself again. I pressured myself with “have-to” and self-imposed deadlines. I felt guilty when I wasn’t doing something for my business and fell into the trap of working 7/7 or taking clients late in the evening (thus messing up with my sleep process and needs). I tried marketing technique myths from the web, got many licenses for programs I barely used, and got super confused on what to do next.

Feels familiar?

Don’t worry, IT IS JUST A PHASE, and you can go through it faster with some SUPPORT, whenever it is a self-study program, books, or coaching to bounce ideas with me, being cheered, dissolving fears, or learning techniques.

I have plenty of tools for you that I developed over the last decade using my experience, channeled wisdom, and art to cleanse, release patterns and debunk limiting beliefs.

Welcome to the personal and professional growth universe I created for you, coach, therapists, healers, and heart-centered makers working online or wanting to work online or offline.

And if you want to open your practice, create your website and build a signature program or online content to support your clients, I also have a membership option giving you access to all my training and one-on-one coaching sessions for a year. Hop on a discovery call to see if it could be what you need.