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Christel Mesey

Personal and Business Expansion

When creativity and consciousness merge to support

your personal and business expansion.

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NEW - Healing, Channeling & Activation with Art

If you want to witness the richness of your vibration, its constant movement, and its expansion, you will enjoy experiencing a Light Code Signature session! It will help you integrate what is already present within you and facilitate the emergence of what grows or wants to sprout in your energy field.

NEW - Card Reading Journal

If you want to witness the richness of your vibration, its constant movement, and its expansion, you will enjoy experiencing a Light Code Signature session! It will help you integrate what is already present within you and facilitate the emergence of what grows or wants to sprout in your energy field.

Expand your being (Personal Development)

Connecting with intuition, exploring your needs, decoding the guidance of your emotions, and better understanding yourself are the most potent tools to own your life.

Personal development and energy expansion are a lifestyle.

For many of us, it all started with a desire to feel better, a desire to understand why we are how we are or why this life. For me, it was all of the above and soon followed by a thirst to share the tools that positively changed my life.

You are new to personal development?

The tools that can support your process are:

  • Oracle Decks: Drao and Zoikos
  • Moon Journal
  • Oracle Readings Digital Journal

You are already a seeker and transformed part of your mindset and life, but want to go deeper and closer to your essence?

Check out the following tools:

  • Light Language & Eath Instruments One-on-One Sessions
  • Light Code Signature Individual Session
  • Oracle Decks: Drao and Zoikos
  • Monthly Light Code Activations

Whatever the tools you choose, you will have to be willing to participate in your expansion process as healing and growing require your active participation and willingness to move away from shaming, blaming, and victim mindset. It is sometimes rough, but that is how you can create positive change and expand to the next level of your life.

Business Doula – Business Expansion

To build and then expand your business and make it sustainable, one often has to deconstruct limiting beliefs and fears and build confidence and legitimacy muscle. Yet you don’t have to do it alone!

Growing a business or a project takes guts, but you don’t have to face everything alone!

While many current online business owners, online coaches, or people of service and artists often built their business alone, they did it because someone had to pave the way for this new way of offering services and goods.

Now that people like me did the trial and error, you can find people like me who will help you bring your project or business to life and share them with others (to generate an income or not).

I’ll help you clarify your offer, find your voice and feel legitimate to show your product or business. But I will also help you to find a rhythm where you can confidently grow while respecting your natural creative rhythm.

I am here to support you if you want to:

  • Create your Website and trust it is clear, potent and speaks to your future clients.
  • Find your Branding (or visual identity) and feel happy to show yourself and our offer.
  • Clarify your offer and make sure that feel fully legitimate when talking about it.
  • Write your sales page so you can feel confident and happy to share.
  • Find a healthy balance between doing and being.
  • Release limiting beliefs, blockages, or stuck energies preventing you from achieving your goals.

Creative Retreats

Opening the space to let your creativity flow kicking in sometimes requires you to get out of your usual environment and rhythm. Join a group or private retreat to get things done. 

Come where the magic happens!

Sometimes all it takes to get things done is to remove yourself from your usual environment so that you can offer space to your creativity.

Some places are more conducive than others, and the natural energy of Aegina Island is one of them.

The island vibration has strong feminine energy allowing you to tap into your intuition and the gestation process to make its magic. But it is a feminine energy that works in cooperation with a beautiful masculine energy that will help you to be productive and actually materialize your project to the world.

Of course, the charm and beauty of the place can only support you and your creative and business expansion! Imagine beautiful landscapes where you can walk the land and charge your energy while clearing your head. Feel clear blue Mediterranean sea waters stimulating your senses. Connect with the amazing ancestors’ creative energy of the ancient temple of Aphaia supporting your journey!

How would feel to enjoy such an environment to spark your creative juice?


If you feel excited, then register below to be amongst the first to have a chance to come!

Art & Energy

Balance your direct environment energy with intuitive art, light codes, a cozy arty pillow, an animal spirit water bottle, or find the notebooks to support your journaling.

Play & Grow

Be playful with your personal growth, whether it is to understand yourself better or explore your situation.

Journal & write

Journaling is the most potent growth tool one can have to release emotions and tune into your self-guidance.

Meditate & Activate

Online programs to meditate and integrate light language healing or simply connect to yourself.


Sometimes all it takes to take your Spirit Animal along is to wear it. Symbolic gesture can have potent activation as your mind actively bring the intention to the matter.

Get cozy & energized

Decorate your home or office with meaningful art to enhance the atmosphere you want for the room. Cushion and posters will fill your cup, relax you or activate.


A series of accessories is waiting for you to brighten your days with stylish, intuitive art. From water bottles with totem animals to tote bags to set the tone of your day.