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Christel Mesey - Website Content and web design
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Christel Mesey - Website Content and web design
Work with me

Work with me

I help you bring to life your website, branding, online course or program, define your digital marketing strategy, your social media presence, design email sequences automation, membership concepts, subscription plans, sales pages, and launches.

Bring your online business or program to life!

Let’s be honest, with the abundance of free content available on the web, you can explore, learn and build your online business or program alone. But the truth is, it will require a lot of energy, research, trial, and error.

And most importantly, it will take time. The time you could use actually be present for your clients, share your knowledge or channelings, and do what you love most: helping people grow, learn and heal.

Imagine how much time and energy you could save by having a Business Doula guiding your steps and teaching you all you need to know about online business, programs, or courses creation. A mentor supporting you to implement and test what you learn.

Imagine how it would feel to have someone you could bounce ideas with. Someone to guide you and encourage you while building a business model that respects your lifestyle and values and preserves your energy!

Imagine having someone who could help you find the tools to support your business and ease your life rather than be limited by technologies!

Now, imagine that on top of all you could get a designer, coach, and energy healer supporting your transformation and integrations and the emotional swirls that can come with giving birth to a new project. How would it feel?

Wenna L.

The word that came to me when I first spoke to her was “Doula.” She accompanies the gestation of a project, childbirth, and post-childbirth. If you want support for your reflection and actual implementation of an online program by a supportive, human and honest person, who has a vision of heart-centered marketing, I recommend Christel.

Annie Lebrun - Body-Matrix Specialist

How can I describe working with Christel? She has a down-to-earth talent for pragmatically transmitting knowledge. I knew I wanted to share my passion, and, as an online start-up trainer, I felt very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to dive headfirst. Christel understood me from the beginning and knew how to support me. Her creative expertise assets helped me step by step in my new online journey. Stop trying starting on your own, call Christel.

You don’t have to face everything alone.

If online business and course creation had to be done on your own a decade ago, it was because some had to pave the way. And I’ve been part of those trying and failing before succeeding that acquired the technical know-how and expertise that can help you today to get a faster result.

So you can choose DIY and self-study or you can choose to have someone like me who can help you save time and stress while creating your business, and who could bring along extensive knowledge of the tools available in the market that could support your vision.

Work with me


We were so afraid to use our voice and speak about death on social media. It was a real transition to work with Christel both energetically and in our mindset. It was such a transformation to feel free to express ourselves and our passion. Thanks

Humanitarial Trail

The collaboration with Christel was great! Very professional and very smooth at the same time. She understood exactly what we expected and created a website that fully corresponded to our needs. We received a lot of positive feedback on the website, for both layout and style.
I fully recommend Christel for her expertise as well as her personal skills. It is very pleasant to work with her.

Alexandra S. Saugy

What my Mentoring is about?

Business analysis – to ensure you have a business model that fits your needs, values, and lifestyle while allowing you to expand in the future should you want to.

Branding – to help you create visuals that look like you and convey your unique energy to your audience.

Learner experience creation – to enhance your participants’ learning experience, integration, and implementation success.

Marketing – to sell from a heart-centered and service approach so that you never feel like a slimy car seller.

Entrepreneurial mindset – to help you set the foundations and internal posture that will root your business.

Technical know-how – to allow you to become autonomous with the tools that will support your business.

Self-Study Program


Maybe you prefer working on your own and at your pace. The self-study programs are made exactly for that. The catalog evolves constantly so I recommend you to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be the first to know about new programs.

21-day website content creation challenge

What if creating the content of your website could be easier than you imagined?

Sometimes simplicity is key. It is especially true to websites as the simpler it is the more your audience will understand how you can help them. This 21-day challenge will give you an easy-to-digest roadmap to get the content of your website done.

Self-Study Program

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Oracles, notebooks, journals, and art to support your journey of self-discovery and healing or bring conducive energies to your interior.