Through PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT or BUSINESS GROWTH, find the right balance between being and doing.

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For Fools’ day, my guides want to be playful and help you connect with your uniqueness and quirks because they are valuable and part of your essence.

For some of you, it will be accepting those differences; for others, it will be a way to allow more of it in your expression. Your journey will be about unleashing your creativity so that you can expand a bit more your wings and true expression.

It will also help you channel your different ideas and give them structure and some good grounding so that you don’t get distracted by the number of ideas that come into your realm (whether yours or others).

It will also help you to channel your creativity in the way that can serve you best (through the guidance of your Soul and intuition).

Find the right balance between being and doing.

LIFE is constant MOVEMENT! Experiencing it, we CHANGE, LEARN and GROW consciously and unconsciously.

If you are here, you probably CHOSE to live that GROWTH, with open eyes and READY to HEAL, UPDATE your BELIEFS and your ENERGY to find the right balance between DOING & BEING.

And the truth is, in a world so influenced by the glorification of productivity and achievements, it can be challenging to bring harmony into your life, to press pause, listen to your NEEDS and RHYTHM, set your BOUNDARIES, and allow yourself to follow your inner calling.

The tools and mentoring I propose help you find your way to BE YOU, whatever the circumstances.

And trust me; I know from experience that it can be challenging. Self-doubts, self-judgment, fear of rejection, humiliation, or any other misfit fear you still carry in your emotional field can be triggering.

But one step at a time, whether through your PERSONAL GROWTH or BUSINESS GROWTH:

  • you will EXPAND YOUR ENERGY AND OWN IT unconditionally.
  • you will LET GO of the SELF-IMPOSED CENSORSHIP caused by fears, judgment, self-blaming, or shaming.
  • you will FIND YOUR VOICE and deploy it with CONFIDENCE.
  • you will find your rhythm and RESPECT it with grace. 
  • you will CONNECT with your INTUITION and listen to its GUIDANCE confidently as you have grown your inner safety and OWN YOUR POWER.

Remember step by step… So pick one topic calling you today, and the rest will follow when it is right for you.

In peace,

Christel Mesey 

Take care of your ENERGY to find your BALANCE and assist your PERSONAL GROWTH. Use the LIGHT LANGUAGE and LIGHT CODES to RELEASE stuck ENERGY, ACTIVATE dormant gifts or CLEANSE your energy FIELD.

Your energy is precious. Just like your body and emotions, it needs your care and attention. It needs cleansing and clearing to dissolve emotions and assist your mind in rewriting pathways cleared from past wounds and limiting beliefs. It sometimes needs stimulation to activate your dormant gifts and help you embody the consciousness you aspire to expand.

PERSONAL GROWTH and EXPANSION are about EXPLORING, understanding, and CONNECTING with yourself, your INTUITION, your NEEDS, and your SOUL to TAKE THE LEAD in your TRANSFORMATION.

You constantly evolve whether you want it or not. Adopting a personal development mindset as a lifestyle is a great way to regain ownership of your life, build your confidence, use your emotions’ guidance rather than overcome by your feelings, connect with your intuition and much more. 

STAY TRUE to your ESSENCE while BUILDING solid FOUNDATIONS and HOLDING SPACE for your BUSINESS GROWTH beyond marketing myth to create REAL CONNECTIONS with the CLIENTS you can support best.

Building and holding space for your ONLINE BUSINESS, ONLINE PROGRAM, ONLINE SHOP, or any project is a true development journey. Sometimes it will imply personal growth and mindset evolution, other times it will imply learning new SKILLS and finally, it will imply acknowledging yourself and your capacity to hold space for what you want to offer to others.

Supporting your expansion autonomously is key to self-empowerment and self-confidence. While you don’t want to do everything alone, connecting with YOUR INNER WISDOM is important.

In the shop, you find many tools: ORACLE DECKS, NOTEBOOKS, WORKBOOKS, LIGHT LANGUAGE MEDITATIONS, and ONLINE COURSES. You will also find items to bring beauty and good vibrations in the form of artwork, LIGHT CODE home decor, and ANIMAL TOTEM pieces of clothes.

Me in a (constantly evolving) nutshell

I am a serial creator and entrepreneur. I am so multidimensional that I had to give up trying to describe myself and simply BE me (a work still in progress).

When you step into my Universe, you will bump into Personal Growth and Professional Growth Tools, Oracle Decks, Workbooks, Light Code Activations, Meditations, and illustrations (and more).

I birthed two oracle decks and various online programs supporting your mindset and energy expansion. I use my experience and channeling to inspire my creations, personal growth, and business growth tools.

My intuition guides my steps most of the time, and my main passion is to create tools to help humans connect with their essence and joy while growing their confidence and self-guidance.

Welcome to my universe!

In peace,