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What if OPENING your practice, CREATE your online course, signature program, website, or simply COMMUNICATE about your activity could be way SIMPLER and FUNNIER than you imagined?

Coaching & Training for Alternative therapists, Coaches and Lightworkers

That’s it, you taking a leap and want to OPEN YOUR PRACTICE, or you want to EXPAND YOUR SERVICES ONLINE, or create your SIGNATURE PROGRAM or ONLINE COURSE

However, you feel overwhelmed by all that needs to happen to get there and wonder WHERE TO START?

I feel you!

When I started a few years back, questions and beliefs were having a giant rave party in my head:

  • How do I create clients?
    When I only practiced or tested my program with my friends or family.
  • Should I be present on social media, and how?
    But it is not my first nature, and I even sometimes fear it.
  • What if my clients notice that I’m a newbie?
    Hello, impostor syndrome! I hope you’re not planning to stick around!
  • How to set my prices?
    Or worse, how to ask for money at the end of the session? It feels so embarrassing!
  • And what should I say on my website or course sales page?
    Spoiler alert: using your job jargon may push away those you want to attract.

Maybe, as I did, you deep-dived on the Internet to figure all this out, but you ended up reading myths and legends of marketing techniques or what you are supposed to do to thrive.

As a result, your stress level went up.

The multiples “methodologies” (when my dyslexia merges myths and methodologies) mentioned that you have to be present every day on social media, even if it is not in your DNA, or have a blog, YouTube channel podcast, and more. Yet if it works for some, it does not mean it will work for you, nor that these “have to” are an obligation.

Christel Mesey - Coach and Intuitive Artist

 Christel Mesey

Coach, Neurolinguistic (NLP) Master Practitioner, Energy therapist, Channel, Intuitive Artist, and Author of the Drao Oracle

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Opening your practice, creating your online program, or extend your services online is an adventure deeply linked to who you are and what you want to share.

However, if you want this adventure to become a beautiful, long-lasting story, then you need to build solid foundations. As exciting it can be, this adventure will also trigger your confidence, question your beliefs, and require you to become clear on who you are as an alternative therapist, coach, healer, or channel.

My goal is to help you blossom as serenely as possible and help you define your service offering, how to promote yourself, and the universe you want to offer to your clients while respecting your rhythm, ethics, and values.

To do so, I support you through the coaching and training I developed for myself or for clients to gain clarity and move forward.

Christel Mesey - Signature Program Coach

What if you could have a business Doula supporting your steps in entrepreneurship?

Here are the different individual coaching and training programs I propose (click on the image to learn more):

Zen and Thriving
Chakra blueprint for online course creator

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Website Challenge by Christel Mesey

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And if you want to open your practice, create your website and build a signature program or online content to support your clients, I also have a membership option giving you access to all my training and one-on-one coaching sessions for a year. Hop on a discovery call to see if it could be what you need.