Online Programs


Business Doula Self-Study Programs

These programs are a blend of practical teachings, channellings and Light Language that will take you on an exploratory journey.

At the end of the program, you will have gained clarity and consciousness about one aspect of your business.

This clarity comes with growth and evolution that will serve your business mindset and expand your knowledge with applicable tools or processes.

Sales Page Energetics Program - by Christel Mesey

Your offer is an energetic container! But in its early stages, it can be very fragile. Let’s empower it so that you can create a potent and attractive sales page!

This program will help you to:

  • Consolidate your offer’s energetic container.
  • Connect with your collective vibration and needs.
  • Feel what connects you at heart level to your offer.
  • Find your words and style to create your sales page.
  • Understand the power of your authentic self for your clients.
  • Learn the codes of online design and information flow.
  • Understand the art of online conversation and connection.
  • Get a “sales page checklist” to ensure it contains all you need and connects with its reader.
Sales Page Energetics Program - by Christel Mesey

10 Keys to help you to build or update your website.

I created this program to help my clients get into the right mindset before we start working on their website. I realized it might be a tool that could help you, too, whether you decide to create your website yourself or delegate its creation.

The program covers the following topics:

  • How to choose your provider
  • Thinking about your branding
  • Gathering the data you will need to create your website
  • Discover what works to shape your website
  • The importance of owning your voice
  • Mapping your Services
  • Structuring your site
  • Sharing the right amount of information
  • SEO basics
  • Connecting with your clients

Light Language Meditations and Activations

Light Language is a potent tool to activate new frequencies in our energy field. Whether it is to release a pattern that no longer serves you or activate a dormant skill, the mediations and activations will support your professional and personal expansion.

You can use them as a one-time shot or repeated activation to support your process. Each time you will use them, you may hear or sense new energies coming in as it will activate and unfold the expansion you are ready for today and help you grow at your pace.

Sales Page Energetics Program - by Christel Mesey

This first opus of the series “Business Doula Meditations” aims to help you structure your day and your time while respecting your energy.

It will help you call forth your intuition, invisible co-creators and guides and tune in with the wealth of knowledge already within you.

  • The first part will take you on a self-observation and inspiration journey to reflect on your need for structure (~11 minutes).
  • The second part is channelled meditation and activation (~41 minutes).
  • The third part is about sharing my own experience with structure and procrastination to inspire you or maybe help you release some guilt or gain perspective (~5 minutes).


Sales Page Energetics Program - by Christel Mesey

Mislead loyalties can be a major block when it comes to seeing your business flourishing; it is time to free yourself and open the gate to success.

Plenty of unconscious vows we build for ourselves can block our evolution.

One can be the loyalties we vowed to our family, friends or society, and others can be nested in past lives.

During 54 minutes, you will receive inspiration from my business guides (aka invisible co-creators) and bathed in a new energy field, helping you to connect with the frequency of liberation, instilling the energy of what could be possible if you feel free to be yourself and follow your dreams and needs.