Your WEBSITE should speak to your future CLIENTS & REFLECTS WHO YOU ARE

Your WEBSITE CONTENT CREATION needs YOUR attention and CARE before even thinking about any WEB DESIGN.

When creating my Energy Practice website, I fell into the same trap as many practitioners, coaches, or therapists; I started to explain HOW I WORK rather than telling HOW I CAN HELP.

The other trap I bumped into during this WEBSITE CREATION was HOW TO LOOK PROFESSIONAL versus OWNING MY ART.

It is one thing to use your art vocabulary and have your peers say how well you explain it… It is another to help people feel that YOU ARE THE ONE that can support them with YOUR OFFER or SERVICES and your unique style (even if you practice an art shared by many, your style is unique).

The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to CLARIFY or ANCHOR YOUR OFFER and GET TO KNOW YOUR CLIENTS to CONNECT with their needs. But also EMBRACING your EXPERTISE and OWNING your craft.

Doing so, you will gain a lot of vocabulary that will ease your COPYWRITING and allow you to attract the people you can best serve (yes, you can help everyone if you want to, but when you look at it, you are probably more efficient and potent if you enjoy working with a client than dreading their appointment 😉).

Needless to say, it is a great tool to strengthen the FOUNDATIONS of your business within your personal and energetic structure. You will grow your CONFIDENCE and feel more and more LEGITIMATE to BE SEEN and feel PROFESSIONAL.

The Cherry on the cake of learning COPYWRITING is that it helps you SPEAK about WHAT YOU DO with more EASE in your daily life. And very likely, these “in-person” conversations and exchanges will increase the natural “word-of-mouth” factor (even if you are working online).

Website Creation and Web Design by Christel Mesey


Let’s face it; nowadays, it is super easy to find a free website builder and domain provider (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and more) and find ready-made templates to CREATE YOUR WEBSITE.

While it may sound super cool and a good way to save money. Doing everything yourself and using ready-made website design will trigger CONFIDENCE-shattering elements.

  • You will need TIME TO LEARN how to use these programs and will STRESS over making it work.
  • You may need to gain GRAPHIC DESIGN expertise (even if you have good taste) and learn the difference between what looks nice and what truly expresses who you are.
  • You must learn COPYWRITING to create attractive texts while staying true to yourself and stepping out from what you think people want to read or hear to genuinely connect with what will resonate with their needs.

As a result, you will spend hours browsing tutorials and learning an art different from yours which will probably bring confusion and seriously poke your confidence by being overflowing with techniques and strategies that do not always match with your values (I know it did when I was in my learning curve).

And most importantly, it will keep you away from what you love most: SERVING YOUR CLIENTS.

Therefore you want to ensure that your website creation does not prevent you from serving or growing your clientele and invest time or money where it would be the most beneficial to you and your business growth.

To ease my client’s learning curve, I add a BONUS to the WEB DESIGN package with the WEBSITE CREATION 101 mini-course. It will give you the basics to think about when imagining your website.

Website Creation 101 - Learn the basic rules before jumping into the web design of your website - by Christel Mesey

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This free 60 min. call will help you to gain clarity about where you are going with your WEBSITE CREATION and define if we are a right fit and if so how we would work together.


Now I hear some thinking, yes, but if I hire someone to do my WEB DESIGN, I will have to pay for their services whenever I want to change a comma or a sentence. Well, not with me!

While I will save you the time and effort of creating the design and all the settings of your website, I will also provide you with a WORDPRESS 101 PROGAM, where you will find all the information you need to update your site autonomously.

We will also work together on the COPYWRITING, and I will teach you the why and how to create CONNECTION with your site reader.

In addition, I will show you how to pimp your content to become HUMAN and SEO-FRIENDLY (meaning search engines will find it and show it more easily).

I’ll coach you on

  • WRITING potent text that will express your SERVICES while remaining TRUE to YOURSELF.
  • Be CONSISTENT with your BRANDING and gain graphic know-how.
  • Strengthening the FOUNDATIONS of your OFFER so that you can express them CLEARLY.

What I won’t teach you is catching fish or using slimy marketing techniques based on fear of lack or false promises.


The beauty of helping my clients to become autonomous with their websites is that they can adapt and change them whenever they need or want. As each website is constantly evolving, I’m showing you in videos what I delivered to them.

Digital Law of Attraction

Book a discovery call

This free 60 min. call will help you to gain clarity about where you are going with your WEBSITE CREATION and define if we are a right fit and if so how we would work together.

My adventure as a web designer

I started building websites as a hobby when one still needed HTML coding commands. Back then, I played with a photo website and created some for friends and family.

It was a fun hobby for the Information Management Adviser I was in the corporate world (yes, I am a bit geeky) and was offering me a platform to be creative with.

Later on, I discovered WordPress, and it opened doors for my creativity (I am more of a visual person than a coding person).

When I became my own boss and opened my energy practice, many colleagues were asking me for support and at some point, I realized that it was also a way to help someone’s energy flow better while they were gaining grounding and clarity around their offers.

Today, my multidimensional aspect, working with energy, art, online shop management and online course creation, helps me connect and understand my clients’ needs and universe.

I must say, I feel so excited when someone gets out of the impostor syndrome and can feel proud and aligned when showcasing their services! It is my happy dance moment.

Maybe you are the next person that will make me doing a happy dance!

Christel Mesey