Video and photo material for online course or shop

Do you wonder what to use to shoot the picture of your online shop or record videos?

Well, there are plenty of tools out there, so let me share with you what I use and I can vouch for:

Photo material

Iphone 12 pro (most of the time) or Cannon EOS 550D


Kaiser light

Photo studio lamps: Kaiser

For video and pictures in large rooms or settings.

In combination with an iPhone 12 pro, I must say that it makes amazing pictures, clear and bright. Even in for videos, the feeling is so natural that I don’t need to wear makeup (which is perfect as I don’t like putting any on).

Ring light

Photo studio lamps: Kaiser

Good for video and picture close-ups.

Ideal for taking pictures of small objects (from books to jewelry).

The ring was (or still is) the go-to tool for video influencers and YouTubers. Personally, I find it very aggressive for the eyes and ended up with massive headaches when having several online coaching calls and meetings in a row. I now use my Zumy lights.

Zumy light

Travel lamps: Zumy (in recommend buying a duo set)

Perfect for zoom calls and video conferencing, especially if you wear glasses as you can place two of them around your screen to avoid any light reflection on your glasses.

Ideal to shoot close-up pictures for small objects (I barely use my ring light since I have 2 of them and can prepare a photo set for my notebooks in no time).

And a must-have for digital nomads wanting to shoot videos without having heavy material to carry on.


Shotgun mic

Shotgun mic for smartphone: Boya

Ideal for recording videos of your indoor lessons.

Attention for those who work with an iPhone, you will need an adapter from Apple, the other adapters do not take into account the microphones (it was a surprise and forced me to buy some small connectors).

Lavalier mic

Lavalier mic: Boya

Ideal for interviews, audio recordings or video lessons recording in and outdoors.

It plugs into a small box that attaches to your clothes and another to your smartphone, computer, camera, or tablet. This allows you to be completely free to move in front of the camera.

It is perfect if you direct the mic correctly (meaning the head of the mic pointing to your mouth and not your shoulder). Therefore depending on what you are wearing or if you are moving a lot, it might not be the best option. But if you stay relatively still, it focuses its attention on your voice and you’d be surprised how the background noises will be low.

Madonna Mic

Madonna mic

This is my new darling. Since I move a lot, record videos outdoors, and record meditations, having a homogeneous sound as soon as the sound is taken is perfect so as not to have too much editing to do and to respect a pleasant audio quality for the listener.

By adjusting the microphone not too close to the nose and mouth, you will not have “t / t,” “chhhh” or “sss” hissing in your listener’s ear and ensuring that the microphone is on. focus on your voice.

It plugs into a small box that attaches to your clothes and another to your smartphone, computer, camera, or tablet. This allows you to be completely free to move in front of the camera.

This is how I record my light capsules and since at times the energy leads me to walk or complete what I say with movements, it was very important to have a wireless microphone that remains in place.

Editing Tools

Wondershare Filmora

The easiest tool to edit your video even when you are a beginner. They have tons of tutorials in English, French and other languages available on YouTube to help you get started.


Ok, that is expensive, but if you are creating pdf booklets, tones of images, ebooks, etc. It may be worth looking at Adobe Suite and take some courses because once you master the tool you can do amazing things.


If you have a tablet this app is just amazing for drawing, editing your pictures and more.


Ideal if you are not a pro and and want to create graphic visuals easily