If marketing makes you feel itchy and prevents you from creating your sales page for fear of becoming a product pusher, you are my tribe!

More seriously, how comfortable are you about speaking about what you do and promoting your offer?

I don’t know about you, but coming from a place of service, the word “sales” does not resonate much with my heart. “Sales” made me think about manipulation, fear of lack, and somehow selling myself (or my soul). In short, it felt dirty.

When writing or recording videos for my sales pages, I was getting caught up in my head, squeezed between marketing theories and my values.

It took so much mental and emotional energy just to think about creating sales page content!

Does that sound familiar?

Then you probably wonder how it could be different. I did too, for quite some time, and when my brain couldn’t come up with a solution, I asked my guides…

And they answered quite potently!


That was my guide’s answer.


Before even thinking about selling, your page should focus on building connections.

But to connect with your future clients, you must first consolidate your connection with your offer energetic container.

This program will help you to:

  • Consolidate your offer’s energetic container.
  • Connect with your collective vibration and needs.
  • Feel what connects you at heart level to your offer.
  • Find your words and style to create your sales page.
  • Understand the power of your authentic self for your clients.
  • Learn the codes of online design and information flow.
  • Understand the art of online conversation and connection.
  • Get a “sales page checklist” to ensure it contains all you need and connects with its reader.

Now, how do you create connection and resonance from a heart-centred place when creating a sales page?


  • Meet your offer and how you found each other.
  • Meet your collective (audience and clients) to understand what connects you.
  • Connect with your heart and soul rather than your mind.

This program will take you first on a journey of LIGHT LANGUAGE and CHANNELLED MEDITATIONS to explore and feel your offer. You will be invited to JOURNAL (in written or audio form) to INTEGRATE your experience.

This will help you to gather the words, sentences, colours or images you need to create your page more fluidly.

Then, it will offer you PRACTICAL GUIDANCE to DESIGN A PAGE and place information where it will be best seen. It will also give you pointers to support your STORYTELLING and a CHECKLIST to ensure you are CREATING CONNECTION with your content.

The cherry on the cake is that you will likely consolidate the energetic container your offer already is.

Some might even see clients showing up before they even finalise their page (like some participants did), and you will be SUPER CLEAR and CONFIDENT about YOUR OFFER and capacity to HOLD SPACE for it.


This is the goal of your sales page.

Yes, you could speak to everyone, but the truth is, there are some people that you can support better than others.

And speak to them will help them to find you.

Connecting with your offer and your collective will help you find the right words and form of expression to speak to them.


Follow your rhythm and access the content at your pace!

We all have different rhythms and paces, and that’s why this program is designed to be flexible. There’s no strict timeline to follow, but to avoid feeling overwhelmed, the next chapter will only appear on your menu once you’ve completed the previous one.

Once you finish the entire program, you’ll have lifetime access to all the content below.

Let’s start with connecting with your intuition and your guides through meditation and journaling.
Journaling will be key during this program. You can do it in a written form, doodling, audio or video form as long as you can revert to it to collect words, emotions, sentences and feelings when the time comes to create your sales page content.

Meet your offer essence and let it speak to you.
You might be surprised by its multidimensionality. And you will discover why it chose you as a co-creator to convey its message and goodness. This is a potent tool to understand how legitimate and how supported you are for this project.

As sensitive or empath, holding space for an offer can become overwhelming (and prevent you from actually promoting your offer properly).
Let’s ensure you will not self-sabotage yourself by over-giving or sacrificing an essential part of your joy and life. Sacrificial times are over, it is time to aligne your offer with your lifestyle!

Meet the people who will benefit from your offer!
Your collective (aka clients and audience) is emitting an aspiration for a solution. It is time to help them connect with your solution and plug to the “energetic field of that need” to find the right words, images, feelings and emotions to speak to them with ease.

Let’s move from the ether to the matter!
The practical tools contained in this chapter will help you shape your design and content. We will approach notions such as online behaviour, visual energy (aka the power of images and layout), and the art of conversation when you never met the person reading you. And you will get a PDF checklist to ensure you engage your reader.

  • SEO – Empower your sales page while speaking to humans first.
  • LAUNCH – Time to speak about your offer and connect people to your sales page.
  • OPTION – Weekly email to keep focused over a period of 4 weeks.

That’s exactly what I need!


What is Light Language

In short, it is the sound form of channelled healing and activating energies.

The word language in the term “Light Language” can be confusing as it makes us think about actual language with words and sentences.

Light Language is a generic term describing using the tong (Lingua in Latin) to create sound. It usually implies that you do so from a heart-centred standpoint.

While some use this term to describe galactic or ancient or forgotten language (which is a possibility), I use it to describe SOUND MEDICINE.

Sound medicine helps you to bypass the logical mind (the one that wants to understand and control) and the analytical mind (the one who wants to understand everything) to allow change. 

It gently dissolves the resistance, transgenerational, ancestral and past life “debris” to allow you to evolve and experience more joy.

It gently activates or reactivates dormant gifts and resources to allow you to upgrade your being with new energies and insight benefiting your life.

It helps you to integrate and remember who you are at your core essence.

What is Channelling

To my today’s perception and how I experience it, channelling is about connecting with benevolent co-creators.

The Universe is vast. It is larger than one can imagine and includes many things and beings our eyes might not see.

It took me a while to get to know and work with energies I couldn’t see. Just like building human friendships, I had to learn to trust them. It also took me a while to understand how I worked with them.

Today, as they mentioned in one meditation of this program, I understand we are co-working from different times and spaces to support positive change for individuals, such as confidence growth, connection to your intuition and voice freedom. 

We do not work with names, but I can feel their energy imprint, different tones of voice and accents (and you will likely hear these too).

I’m quite thankful for the challenge given to embrace my messenger role as I learn as much as I share!

Refund policy

Please note that we offer refunds for our program within 72 hours of purchase as we believe this is sufficient time to experience the content and decide if it is the right fit for you.

After this 72-hour period, the program is yours to keep, and you can enjoy lifetime access to it as many times as you like.

Please understand that due to the digital nature of our content, we are unable to issue refunds after the above mentioned deadline.

Can I play the content in group settings?

No, it is for your consumption only.

Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please get in touch with the author out of respect for her work, the time and love put into crafting this content, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.

Why did they love their experience?

That’s exactly what I need!

Sacrificial times are over, it is time to aligne your offer with your lifestyle!

Hello! I’m Christel. 

One of my core essences is creativity. Most of my friends and family know me with at least three projects on the back burner and tons of ideas.

Another of my core essences is sharing what I learn, and that is why my guides and I are having so much fun co-creating programs for you.

This is how it usually works. I wreck my head trying to find a solution until I surrender and remember I do have business guides. Sometimes, it takes a minute, other times, it takes way longer (note to self: have patience for your inner-control freak to dissolve).

I love my co-workers from another realm! They sometimes push a bit my comfort zone, but their heart is in the right place.

We share that desire to see the world evolve toward more peace and know that it is by instilling inner peace in every aspect of our lives that we can get there.

In addition, I think we can learn and grow through joy and playfulness. 

Mingling Light Language and Channeling with conscious exploration allows the conscious human and the soul to work as a team. Inviting your guides to the party is a great way to feel how supported you are (and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I really do need to feel their support).

So, if self-exploration and journaling are a source of amusement and adventure for you, you are in the right place!

Christel Mesey

That’s exactly what I need!