Wenna L

Online Course Creation

Wenna’s request

Wenna wanted to create a membership or subscription site for her meditations. We worked on finding the most appropriate platform, how to install her content, and write her sales page.

Wenna’s experience

When I connected with Christel late last year, I thought we would have something to do together without knowing what exactly. When I learned that my children could not go to school anymore because of the confinement, I told myself that it was time to change something in my way of working and that I was ready to leap! 

Christel appeared to me as the person who could accompany me to make this change. 

Being a well-equipped coach myself, I had never felt the need to be coached! But Christel is multipotential with skills that I don’t have, and that’s what I liked! But she also has similarities and complementarity. 

I wanted her to help me think about my company’s strategy and how to put things in place in technical and marketing terms (IT tools, course platforms, social networks, etc.)

The word that came to me when I first spoke to her was “Doula.” She’s a doula that accompanies the gestation of a project, childbirth, and post-childbirth if I can afford this metaphor.

During two intense months of work creating my online offers, she was always present and supportive. Her openness, simplicity, humility, and benevolence, were complemented by a generosity I had not often experienced.

She is attentive to our natural rhythm so that transformation happens without loss of energy.

Christel has a finesse of understanding, a rare intelligence, and intuition.

She will propose directions and concrete solutions, without imposing, that correspond precisely to what we need.

If you want support for your reflection and actual implementation of an online program by a supportive, human and honest person, who has a vision of marketing from the heart, I recommend Christel Mesey without any restrictions.

I thank the universe for making us meet and co-create together. And I know this is just the beginning of the adventure! 😉


Wenna L