Website Creation

Sinje Miebach – Coach

“Christel made it so easy for me”

Sinjes’ request

Sinje wanted a simple website “a digital business card” including a landing page, an about me page, a testimonial page, and a contact page.

She enjoyed using my 21 days website creation challenge while we were building her website. We used some of the coaching session to explore how to present herself to show her light and dynamic in a way she would feel comfortable and pleased with the result.

I tuned with her personality to find a design that would express her kindness and natural light.

At the end of the project, we decided to add an article page to share the videos she published on YouTube so that the reader can enjoy her wisdom and sharing without having to move out from her website.

She is now fully autonomous when it comes to add blog posts or edit texts but did express the desire for punctual support should she need additional pages as she prefers to dedicate her time to her clients.