Life Coaching

Rosa F. Brisos

Working with Christel has been an incredible adventure!

The coaching and the incredible programs that she facilitates are indispensable tools to level up in every single aspect of your life.

In this space, we have many programs that over promise and under deliver but not with her: she has the ability to hold space for you to grow, heal and discover and the content is incredibly powerful.

For me, her programs helped me to consolidate and uncover the foundations of my being and understand of my own triggers.

By becoming more and more aware of the real reasons behind my fears and main blocks I was able to understand how I was allowing victimhood to rule my life.

With Christel’s guidance, I could access, analyze and revisit the parts of me I wasn’t proud of or wanted to hide and therefore start to take responsibility for my own life and show up in a totally different way.

Every single time we worked I found deeper and deeper layers and got incredible a-ha moments. Christel guides you through your fears with such mastery and lightness and highlights things you could not see on yourself.

I always felt amazing support, the kind understanding and she makes this deep, hard work feel easy and like a game! For my scientific brain, the most incredible thing is that the work is like software. An unbelievable program, running on your subconscious mind and allowing you to see things and unravel the bad programming you’ve been exposed to!

I am really happy and grateful to work with such a brilliant, funny, and incredible mind!