Personal Growth & Expansion is about exploring, understanding, and connecting with yourself, your intuition, your needs, and your Soul so that your transformation comes from YOU rather than be forced by circumstances.

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How upset is your feminine energy?

Have you ever caught yourself being judgmental of your feminine traits, slutshaming yourself, or even gaslighting your feeling so that you can feel strong enough or in control of yourself?

Then this workbook is made for you!

It aims to help you gain inner peace, kicking out imprinted patriarchal judgments and reconnecting with the gifts of feminine energy beyond clichés.

This is a personal growth self-exploration made of rituals and self-myth-busters about what is feminine energy.

Personal growth & expansion are a lifestyle!

For many of us, the journey into personal growth & expansion started with a desire to FEEL BETTER, to UNDERSTAND WHY we are how we are or why this LIFE.

I don’t know about you, but the more I learned and felt freed from past pains, the more I got curious about how I could learn from joy as much as I learned from pain. Don’t get me wrong; my life is not a unicorn life made only of rainbows and happy smiles. I still experience a very human life with all its range of EMOTIONS.

However, what changed is how FAST I GET BACK ON MY FEET when facing adversity. Also, how quickly I can SEE the OPPORTUNITIES coming out of a blow to my EGO. It helps me to keep in motion with optimism, TRUST IN THE PROCESS, knowing that LIFE WORKS FOR ME rather than feeling like a victim of circumstances. That was the best gift personal growth could bring me.

One thing I know to be true is that the more you EXPLORE how you function EMOTIONALLY, the more you FREE YOURSELF from pain, trauma, and fears.

As a result, you can EXPAND, TAP INTO your INTUITION with CONFIDENCE, regain OWNERSHIP OF YOUR LIFE, and RECLAIM your POWER through your HEART.

Taking that journey, you will discover many tools to understand yourself. My journey and my channelings inspire the ones I create so that you can:

  • MEET YOURSELF through ORACLE CARDS and connect with your present needs or what could benefit from your attention.
  • FREE YOURSELF from pain or anger, and allow the power of forgiveness to refill your life.
  • EMPOWER yourself by finding your RHYTHM.
  • RELEASE the shaming and blaming by turning your INNER JUDGE into INNER LOVING COACH.
  • RECOVER your voice, RECOGNIZE your needs, RECLAIM your birthright to love and exist.

So pick what can serve you today, and feel welcome to explore for more later.

In peace,
Christel Mesey


Oracle Deck Cards for your personal growth & expansion by Christel Mesey
Drao Oracle Deck - Take a step toward yourself

Drao invites you to discover yourself, your needs, your qualities, and your potential.

The 52 cards come with an inspirational booklet in ENGLISH & FRENCH.
With benevolence, it will invite you to act for your well-being and balance.
It will support you and encourage you in times of doubt or transition.

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Zoikos Oracle Deck - Animal Wisdom for personal growth

In Greek, Zoikos means “that which concerns the living” it usually refers to the animal kingdom, but the truth is, we are part of that kingdom as well, even if we sometimes feel separated from it.

This oracle came to me as a gift—a roadmap of self-understanding and reconnection—with the wisdom these beautiful animals wanted to express through me. It is not a definitive guide on spirit animals, nor an ultimate truth. It is simply what these animals wanted to say through my voice today.

This 33 cards deck comes with an inspirational booklet where each animal has three nuggets of wisdom to share to inspire you, and support your inner work and reflection, thus supporting your growth and evolution.

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Oracle Deck Journal - Print@home or Tablet Compatible

Grab your exploratory hat and start using oracle or tarot cards as a playground to understand yourself better and uncover the hidden invitations of your life experiences or relationships.

This PDF e-book can be printed or used on your tablet with any PDF editing applications such as GoodNotes, Noteshelf, Notability, etc.

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Journal, workbooks and notebooks for your personal growth & expansion by Christel Mesey
Feminine Energy Workbook & Recorded Meditation - Release the Fury!

So often, the feminine part of a being is impacted by beliefs, social clichés, and transgenerational wounds.

As a woman, it can make it difficult to embrace your feminity and qualities, making you judge your every action and thought from a distorted lens. But it can also prevent you from tapping into the beautiful attributes of the feminine and the masculine.

Patriarchal attitudes have left as many scars in our belief system as the damsel in distress cliché many women embraced from childhood, reading or watching stories of princesses that needed saving. And that even if we are free-thinking or autonomous women today.

As a result, self-love and self-respect might be challenging to maintain.

This journal will take you on a series of symbolic gestures (or rituals) and myth-buster to release the anger stored in your feminine energy so that it can feel more at peace and ultimately start to co-create more easily with your masculine power. The ultimate goal is that both your masculine and feminine energy enjoy sharing their power equally (not at the same time, but when one strength or quality can serve your being) and in harmony.

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Moon Journal

The Moon cycles journal is the ideal tool for you if you:

want to start journaling but are afraid that an everyday commitment would be too much for you.
are an occasional journal writer that could benefit from implementing more ritual writing.
want to connect with the Moon energies to support your growth process.
With its introduction to the Moon quarter phases, you will be able to start tuning in with your inner master and inner healer to stimulate your evolution and growth.

The dotted pages will give you the flexibility to doodle, write and be creative in your introspection process for a full year of lunar cycles.

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Notebooks (journaling or bullet journals)

Journaling is a potent self-reflection tool.  It helps you release emotions, set goals, remember your journey, and see how you evolve.

Different illustrations are available, and each brings another energy forward, so pick the cover that will support your integration and journey (look at the image you feel attracted to, trust your guts on this one).

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When the exploration kicked my personal growth journey

Like many other humans in this day in age, my personal growth journey was kickstarted by an early stage of burnout. Overworking to give sense and purpose to my life was the underlayer of that exhaustion. But not only…

I had chosen to work in the humanitarian field for over a decade, and during that time, I placed others’ priorities before mine.

It took me a while and a hard and unpleasant look at myself to understand why. There was a cup of needing to feel loved, a sparkle of savior syndrome, a zest of craving for peace, a spoon of the need for control to feel safe…

Many reactions I had toward life came from the feeling that life was a curse rather than a gift. Stepping into personal growth helped me to understand that it didn’t have to be a punishment and that once you heal and understand yourself, you can really enjoy life’s treasure.

This new expansion of my life reconnected me with those I had silenced for so long. My creativity wasn’t taboo anymore. I didn’t have to fit a box and could reinvent my life and actually feel at peace and safe inside myself.

Personal Growth, expansion, and energy work are now part of my lifestyle.

I created my first oracle deck in 2016, and it helped me grow and better understand myself. Since then, I have created online programs, digital and print-@-home journals and workbooks inspired by my explorations and learnings.

Your constantly learning and evolving messenger,

Christel Mesey