Thanks for your interest in my upcoming deck of cards!

It is with great pleasure that I will introduce you to:


As it was the case with the Draó Oracle Deck, I was guided to connect the name of this new deck of cards to the Greek language. I don’t have a clear vision of why and what is my connection with Greece (past life, future, trans-generational connections, or else) but I don’t feel the need to know as I trust the Universe wisdom to bring the right energies forward to encode this new deck with its wisdom.

Zoikos means: which concerns the living beings

I truly believe that animals have much to share with us and even though sometimes their message could feel simple or common sense, the truth is, as humans, we tend to overthink and project tons of meaning that sometimes lead us into more confusion.

Zoikos will help you to get back to the essence of your introspection so that you don’t get lost in the maze of your mind.

What’s next?

You will receive an update once a week about the making of the deck of cards and most importantly about one animal message until the preorder period starts.

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Christel Mesey