Take care of your energy to find your balance and assist your conscious work. Use the Light Language or Light Codes to release stuck energy, activate dormant gifts, or cleanse your field.

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Life Temple - Love Frequency - Light Language Meditations

5 Days to Unleash your Creativity

For Fools’ day, my guides want to be playful and help you connect with your uniqueness and quirks because they are valuable and part of your essence.

For some of you, it will be accepting those differences; for others, it will be a way to allow more of it in your expression. Your journey will be about unleashing your creativity so that you can expand a bit more your wings and true expression.

It will also help you channel your different ideas and give them structure and some good grounding so that you don’t get distracted by the number of ideas that come into your realm (whether yours or others).

It will also help you to channel your creativity in the way that can serve you best (through the guidance of your Soul and intuition).

Your energy is as important as your body and your mind.

LIFE is constant MOVEMENT, and movement is ENERGY!

But sometimes, like your body, your energy can be stuck and could use a boost, a recalibration, or cleansing.

Your energy is imprinted by the bruises and scars left by your emotions and life experience. In addition to your experience, your entire lineage, the society you evolve in, and the broader human collective impact it too. Just like one of your cells can be impacted by its neighboring cells and its environment.

And if humans are impacting each other, we could see them as a kind of cells of a larger environment, composed of the animal, the vegetal, and the mineral kingdom, our host Mother Earth and the entire Universe!

See how your energy is more connected than we can see!

Therefore, like your body and mind, it needs your attention and care.

Knowing, feeling, and taking care of your energy, is a powerful tool to be less impacted by others’ “drama” and “have-to.” It will help you to:

  • support your conscious personal growth journey.
  • gain a clear sense and ownership of your field.
  • be more equipped to understand when to preserve yourself.
  • see more clearly when external circumstances trigger parts of you that need care.
  • be able to release transgenerational or humankind energetic weights that are not your responsibility nor needed for your present life.
  • reclaim your resources and gifts of your former existences and incarnations that could serve your present life.
  • feel ok to be embodied fully on Earth, embrace and enjoy life despite the circumstances you grew up in.

That is at least what working on my own energy taught me and helped me with. Through that process, I developed keys I can now share with others through Light Language and Energy Transmission.

In peace,

What is Light Language or Light Code?

Light Language and Light Code sound and look familiar to various human languages as they consist of sounds, gestures, and signs.

However, they are essentially vibrations, and human words would rarely suffice to capture the complexity and multidimensionality of what they carry and convey.

Ironically, it is precisely why these codes and languages work. As the mind cannot do what it loves most—giving meaning to what it hears or sees—it lets your Higher Self connect with the vibration and activate what is good for you.

Gently, your “back-office” process emotions and thoughts to support your evolution and growth while dusting out old and outdated energies from your field.

Light Language and Light Code can make you feel at home, connected to your ancestors, connected to nature and Earth, or tuned in with the cosmos. Doing so, they activates and helps you clean what needs to be done to expand your energy to its fullest potential.

Life Temple - Light Language Transfromational Meditations
Group meditations Series

Regularly, I enjoy hosting meditation groups offering Light Language & Channeling around a theme suggested by my guides (& co-creators).

Each program happens live and is then available on replay to the participants. About a month after the live session, they will be available to a broader audience (without the part of the sharings of the community that joined the live sessions to respect their privacy and ensure a safe space for all).

Their duration varies depending on the theme and instruction from my guides.

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Self-care Capsules Collection

Sometimes all we need is a bit of self-care and time to connect with ourselves. Taking care of your energy is a potent tool to regain your balance.

These Meditation Capsules are meant just for that.

The meditations are inspired by themes present for my clients or me at the recording time.

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The meditations created a space for me to release and heal what was going on in my life; one even felt like receiving a giant hug. I know now that I am figuring out who I am for myself and not who I am for everyone else.

Bree Mehann

I got something back in one of my meditative journeys that made me feel complete again. The interesting thing is that before that moment, I was not aware a part of me was missing. Getting it back, though, was pure joy. Now I can use this in my life and work.


Light Language, Light Code and Channeling Sessions by Christel Mesey
Light Language & Earth instruments Activation

Let’s dive into what your Soul and the Universe want to help you activate (and cleanse).

After setting your intentions and the spectrum of what you want to work on, I will take you on a Light Language and Earth Instruments journey. In addition, you may get (or French) speaking channeling if your guidance and the energy supporting the process feel it is relevant.

You will be able to record the session for further personal use. However, the recording shall not be shared or broadcast as it tunes to your specific energy and needs.


Duration: 1h
Where: on Zoom
Price: 150 €
Includes Recording of the sessions

These sessions are for you if:

  • You are open to unconventional methods.
  • You feel ready to feel and connect with your heart.
  • You are prepared to participate and observe yourself beyond the session.
  • You are willing to let go of the blaming and shaming that may prevent your expansion.

These sessions are NOT for you if:

  • You wish for fortune telling about your future.
  • You want to understand everything with your intellect.
  • You want to control the process of your healing and expansion.


Light Code Signature

The Light Code Signature Sessions are a potent tool for integrating your recent transformation and the vastness of your being. It also shows what is coming up on your spiritual journey or at least opportunities or potential you could develop or expand.

Here the Light Language and Light Code join their strength so that you can enjoy cleansing, activation, and transformation.

Over two sessions, you will receive channeling guidance through Light Language and/or English (or French).

At the end of the process, I will send you the digital illustration created during our sessions and a time-lapse video of the drawing making so that you can see what was moving energetically for you.

To ensure that this immersive process is right for you before we decide to work together, I invite you to first 📅 👉🏻 BOOK A FREE 15-MINUTES DISCOVERY CALL, where we will speak about your expectations and needs and the process.

Duration: 2 sessions of 1h/1h30
Where: on Zoom
Price: 555 €
Includes 1 Illustration in JPG format
1 Time-lapse video of the making of the illustration

These sessions are for you if:

  • You are open to unconventional methods.
  • You find messages, inspiration, and signs when looking at images.
  • You feel ready to feel and connect with your heart.
  • You are prepared to participate and observe yourself beyond the session.
  • You are willing to let go of the blaming and shaming that may prevent your expansion.

These sessions are NOT for you if:

  • You wish for fortune telling about your future.
  • You want to understand everything with your intellect.
  • You want to control the process of your healing and expansion.

Light Language Signature for Delphine. An expression of a potent healer offering working with Rituals & Sound. Discover Delphine

Her channeling cuts through the layers of the mind and energetic blockages with so much warmth, love, and cheekiness. She holds a very safe and grounded space, and I always feel welcome to share the most vulnerable parts of myself and let myself be held in the bubble she creates. She is my go-to person whenever I feel stuck and can’t seem to find the way out on my own.
Thank you, Christel, for all the beauty and wisdom you share with the world!

Delphine Blanc

Every single time we worked, I found deeper and deeper layers and got incredible a-ha moments. She guides you through your fears with such mastery and lightness and highlights things you could not see in yourself. I always felt amazing support, the kind understanding, and she makes this deep, hard work feel easy and like a game!

Rosa Brissos

My adventure as a messenger

When I started channeling Light Language, I didn’t understand; my reflex was calling my mum and telling her, “I think I blew a fuse.” She had been following my opening and expansion for a while, and even if she didn’t understand what it was, her answer was: “wait to see what it brings; it is not the first strange thing you experience.”

I then let it flow for a while, as I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt my energy changing, though. Each time the sounds came through my throat, something was releasing either in my body or my emotions. Then later, I would notice new understanding or start to see different facets of events leading me to more compassion and tolerance (even for myself).

The truth is, it took me a while to understand that l had already been drawing codes for a while now and that light had been supporting my path for quite some time. And once I did, it became easier to start sharing these transmissions during healing sessions.

It is beautiful to witness the breakthrough and transformations of my clients, whether in a group or one-on-one setting. I am seeing them become ready to open their heart feeling safe and confident. I hear them change their internal dialogue and grow self-compassion, self-love, and self-clarity. I sense them allowing themselves to BE themselves. And it is an honor to be one of the support systems they use to get there.

Your constantly learning and evolving messenger,

Christel Mesey