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What if CREATING your online course, website, or communication could be WAY SIMPLER and JOYFUL than you ever imagined?

You know WHAT you want your Signature Program, Online services, or Website to be about
BUT aren’t quite sure HOW TO DELIVER IT?
Or you have a few DIFFERENT IDEAS that you’re excited about,
BUT you’re not sure WHERE TO START?


If my connection is both SPIRITUAL & DIGITAL, I still had no idea of what to say and how to present my services at first. Being it promoting my Energy healing and NLP practice or later on my ONLINE PROGRAMS, and WEB DESIGN services felt pretty unfamiliar terrain.

  • I never had to promote my services to generate my income before and didn’t know how.
  • I had no clue who my clients would be as I thought my doors should be open to everyone.
  • If I was used to teaching in classes or host workshops, making them lively and engaging online was a mystery.
  • I had no idea where and how to promote my online programs.
  • I wasn’t using Social media that much and wasn’t really attracted to them.

O my, I felt like having to learn an entirely new job again and not all of it felt exciting… At first.

Does that sound familiar?

If you are anything like me, you looked up online to learn how to do and the information available didn’t help much.

There were a lot of scary myths filled with “you have to—post every day, be present everywhere, speak about anything but be present, use sales funnel, have a lead magnet, get a blog, get on a podcast, have your youtube channel.”

Not only you felt overwhelmed but also very uncomfortable with these sales techniques that would pull you away from your purpose.

Worst, the fear-based approaches clashed with your values big time.

And as a coach, healer, and/or intuitive you started asking yourself when would you have time to BE with your client and DO what you love with your time sucked by the amount of communication to create.

Well, fear no more my friend, it can be simpler than you imagine! You will have plenty of time to do what you love most, be present for your clients AND have a life.

My mission is to help healers, intuitives, coaches, and channels like you to bring their Signature Program, course, or website to life without feeling like they have to hustle, dismiss a part of themselves, or twist their values when speaking about them.

Well here is what I learned:

  • There are plenty of techniques and tools that your creativity can play with to build an exciting and powerful ONLINE PROGRAMS, but they only work if you are CLEAR with the OUTCOME of your program and the STEPS your participants need in order to get there.
  • As for relationships, COMMUNICATION is what makes people connect, but only when it is AUTHENTIC, and if you are PRESENT when people start interacting with you.
  • A WEBSITE or a LANDING PAGE is like a first date, you want it to be subtle, and SIMPLE. You want to create CURIOSITY rather than overwhelming your visitor with information and questions.

And if you feel concerned thinking that you’re not TECHY enough, pretty enough to be on videos, experienced enough to be legit when writing posts, then remember, we all HAD TO START AND LEARN ONE DAY.

You want to know how your Signature Program, your Website can come to life or how you could feel at ease when communicating about your activities?

My goal is to save you time and help you create YOUR Signature Program, your Website or your communication campaign. But it is also to give you a step by step method to create something unique respecting your style, your being, and your values.

From my experience, I’ve created a journey to bring life to your Online Course or Signature Program or Websites AND how to communicate consistently without having the feeling to spend your days promoting your activities.

With a mix of coaching, tech support, and teaching, and sometimes healing, I will help you to grow your confidence and empowering mindset muscles.

So let’s explore your project and needs and find out how you can best bring it to life taking into account your lifestyle, your background, and your vision for your Signature Program, during a complimentary coaching session.

You want to create your Signature Program, online course or membership program but don’t know where to start and how to make it happen?

Let’s dive into your project for you to gain clarity on what it will take to make it happen but also build up your confidence muscle through a step by step coaching program. 

You want a website that speaks to your clients but you have no idea what to write in it and don’t want to bother with the technical aspect of implementing it?

Let’s co-create then! This program will help you create your website content, find your visual style. I’ll then switch my coaching hat for my web designer hat and build your WordPress site.

You want to promote your services, but you weren’t born with social media or used it for fun, and talking about your activities doesn’t come naturally to you. 

Learn how to communicate consistently using little of your time per week and pimp your creativity to have visually appealing posts that reflect you and calls your future clients.


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