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What if you could enjoy a Zen and Thriving Practice?

Make a living of an activity you love is the ultimate dream of numerous alternative therapists, coaches, or healers AND it can become a reality. But when you are starting out, it is easy not to enjoy a Zen and Thriving practice attitude as your head is filled with questions such as:

  • How do I create clients?
  • How will they know that I exist and that I’m super excited to help them?
  • How do I speak of what I do when I don’t really feel comfortable being seen?

Maybe you explored the web trying to find out how to do all that and much more. Perhaps you ask friends or peers how they did. And you got overwhelmed by all the things to do to make it happen and all the “you have to” that you started hearing.

Zen and Thriving Practice

You are an alternative therapist, coach, or healer not a salesman nor influencer.

Therefore, marketing in a social media era makes you anxious as you don’t want to:

  • Spend your days on social media when what excites you the most is helping your clients.
  • Have to write, record, shoot videos when you don’t even know what to speak about.
  • Become a salesman or saleswoman avatar when your soul purpose is supporting others.

The truth is, no rule is absolute and no marketing method will help you become ZEN & THRIVING if it goes against your values and who you are.

For that reason, we will explore together what is the most appropriate for you.

Christel Mesey Coaching for solopreneurs

What I noticed with my clients is that quite often what prevented them to be on their way to enjoy a Zen and Thriving Practice were that:

Questions around social media or web presence hide a bunch of more significant questions.

Indeed, starting your business is an adventure filled with the unknown and sometimes focusing on how to promote your services helps not to look at what worries us more such as:


  • How do I set my prices? Should I do discounts when starting out? How do I avoid running after people to be paid?
  • How do I manage the stress linked to irregular income and avoid falling into the trap of fear of lack? I don’t want to start making decisions based on fear but want to follow my heart!
  • How to feel legit when I have very little experience in my new job? And how do I make my clients confident in my capacity to help them?
  • And how do I find a healthy work/life balance and avoid sacrificing parts of my life to my work?

You DON’T HAVE TO EXPERIENCE ALONE the questions and doubts as well as the swirl of emotions that comes with the creation of your business.

I walked this adventure too.

It showed me my fears, self-expectations, infinite talent to create self-inflicted pressure, and limiting beliefs. It made me grow and allowed me to set myself free, recognize myself, and dare being seen as I am.

Today, I’m passionate about my job and enjoy life with deep faith and trust in my future. I respect my time, natural rhythm, and needs, knowing that the Universe has my back.

I could reconnect with the abundance energy (which is not only about wealth) and thus make choices based on joy rather than fear of lack. As you see, I can enjoy a ZEN & THRIVING life.

Being happy and confident in your job and your future while respecting your rhythm and life balance quite often feels like a lalaland for today’s society. But it is possible!

You don't need to know all the detail and outcomes to start something

Preserving your energy and having an enjoyable work/life balance is what I’d love to transmit.

Besides, I’d like to help you appease doubts, reduce stress factors, and most importantly, make you feel supported and that someone believes in you even you are not there yet.

My approach is based on coaching and training that will allow you to build up your entrepreneur toolbox. You will find the business and communication strategy that works for you along our journey, taking into account your being, personality, and natural talents (even if you don’t know all of them).

If all of the above speaks to you and that you want to become a ZEN & THRIVING alternative therapist, coach, or lightworker, book a discovery call so that we can see if this program is the right match for you. During 60 minutes of this complimentary session, we will know where you are at and the next valuable steps for you.