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Christel Mesey - Signature Program Coach

The day I realized the emotional programming the confinement had on me

The other night, the city got extremely quiet. Almost as silent as to when the confinement was occurring.

It was a strange feeling. I was appreciative of the quiet and yet at the same time was highly disturbed as if the calm was announcing a storm.

It is the first time I sense the impact that the confinement had on me and the misaligned programming it created in my emotional field: calmness = something to worry about.

What an awful program!

It took me a while to realize that as temperatures dropped over the weekend people were simply not dining on restaurants’ terrasse anymore and that was making my street quieter. As simple as that.

But as my emotions switched my brain to « alarmed and survive » it took a while to tune back to being calm inside.

With silent streets, I could hear how my head was on a ramp, jumping from one question to another.

As reason gave me an explanation for the quiet, the adrenaline wanted to be used and dropped all other questions and worries on me. My brain was irrationally in a loop trying to find answers for everything and nothing.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes cooling down after stress can be difficult?

Maybe you hit the car breaks to avoid an accident and kept on thinking about all that could have gone wrong if you didn’t have. Maybe you had a deadline to meet and now that your work is done you still sprint for the rest of the week. Maybe you stressed with tech stuff while trying to build your website. Or perhaps you stressed while recording videos for your online program and struggle to have a positive opinion of yourself while editing it.

The best way to switchgear and help your mind cool down is to create a contrast from what created the stress and the moment you gained awareness of what was happening inside you.

For instance, as my stress occurred while I was in bed, I stood up and moved to release the energy. I’d go preparing meals when stressed by my computer.

So the next time you have a peak of stress observe yourself and see how you could create a quick contrast in your day so that your brain can reboot.

And contrast can be as easy as calling a friend, going to the coffee machine, taking a walk, or singing a song.

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