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Stuck@Home – Seeding the future intentionally: Reacting vs. Acting

Lately, we are encouraged to stay active or be creative on various media. And I must admit that I felt this need for continuous action and even wrote about it.

But, I begin to wonder, WAS I TRYING TO KEEP A SENSE OF CONTROL while a something that our eyes cannot see was shifting not only my world but the world as we know it?

Week 1 of confinement
I felt like RUSHING INTO SERVICE MODE. I wanted to write tones of articles and published some to help people identify easy tools to work online.

Week 2 of confinement
I felt the urge to COME BACK TO MY RHYTHM. So, I refocused my energy into my online programs and coaching.

Week 3 of confinement
I felt drawn to take a STEP BACK AND LOOK INSIDE ME. 


Slowly it sinks in; this is THE NEW NORMAL.

The SITUATION of quarantine WON’T LAST forever BUT can SEED a significant CHANGE for the human life. Brilliant innovation can come out of it if we put our heart into it. But for that to happen, we need to stop reacting and start acting. Spoiler alert, acting does not necessarily implies doing.


If like me, you wonder if you are reacting to keep some normality, or acting to shape your future, then you may want to press pause and reconnect with yourself.


My NEED TO RUSH brought by the first week was COUNTERPRODUCTIVE as it was mainly REACTION from the brain on let’s say A CREATIVE FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE. 

Why counterproductive?

Because suddenly, the MIND was TAKING CONTROL of the NARRATIVE. My content was becoming practical, tactical, almost dry.

My inner intellectual warrior was in command. In short, emotions and pleasure to create was gone. But most importantly, the positive and empowering energy that I wanted to convey practically disappeared.


Have you ever felt this moment when the mind takes the lead while the motivation and joy was turning flat on your cardiogram?


So before my heartbeat turned entirely mental, I had to PRESS PAUSE to RECONNECT with what I wanted to seed in this world. It is often something we brainstorm about in business marketing or branding. Still, we tend to forget it when we are busy being busy.

TUNING back WITH the ESSENCE of what online teaching means to me was vital. Beyond the obvious, “I want to help people to create with ease and flow,” my secret dream is that knowledge of healthy mind, body, and emotions spreads around the globe. I’d love to see healers sharing their techniques and coaches empowering mindset. 

Deep down, I have this belief that the more people understand themselves, the more compassion and peace will increase on hearth. And believe it or not, each time I write this down, I can feel my cells doing a happy dance.

Have you ever had this sensation of inner joy fueling your projects?

When you think about your coaching, therapeutic or healing practice and the essence of it, what could you share, teach, or transmit about it online?

I know some will say, but I’m not tech-savvy! I don’t have the material to record videos, and honestly don’t see myself behind a camera at all! 

Well, you may feel that today, but with the time we have at hand being stuck@home, the good news is that we have the time to learn and experiment. 

And being camera shy myself, I can tell that you would be surprised how much fun you can have with a simple mobile phone! You may even start enjoying sharing your knowledge through video way more than you expected.


Now more than ever, online courses and programs can be an opportunity to reframe the world we live in, but also offer you an extra source of income.

Some spend a lot of time trying to figure out on their own how to create their dream program, but with support, you could build your course and learn how to sell it smoothly. 

So if you are ready to create an online program and create your new reality, book a free call to talk about your project.

Love & Light
Christel Mesey

Christel Mesey

Online Course Creator’s Coach – Author & Course creator – CEO of

I’m helping coaches and therapists birth their online programs or courses with ease, helping them feel confident that they will offer a great learning experience to their learners.

I genuinely believe that online training is the future of education and personal growth. It opens the door to alternative ways of teaching beyond borders and cultures.

If you have wisdom and knowledge to share, I’d love to support you in the journey to share it with the world.

I’ll help you to expand your comprehension of online pedagogy and learning tools, using my experience of course creation and comprehensive understanding of online systems potential.

I’ll support you during the creation process through coaching, NLP, or even energy healing should you need to. These practices help me to understand and tune into your universe. They allow me to walk you comfortably through the process of offering your services online while feeling aligned with your heart and dedicated to your clients.