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Stuck@Home – How do I keep my coaching or therapy practice alive?


The current situation is a bit of a shock for many coaches or therapists as they have to close their office doors for a few weeks. But many of you already experienced a stuck@home situation once or more during your career. With a cold, back pain, or having to take care of a child, you suddenly got stuck at home with the will and brain capacity to work but no office space.

And if you think about it, taking a holiday and enjoying yourself has the same impact on your income, or should I say the lack of it. But as we were the ones deciding to take a break, we took the time to save some money and prepared our mind to have a stretcher month than usual.

Today’s situation is taking us by surprise. It is uncomfortable, shakes our habits, triggers some fear. For some of us, it pokes a need for control but also the faith that we will be ok. And as we experience this situation in masses, whatever gender, geolocation, or wealth status, it is emotionally even more impactful.

What if we were to take this opportunity to tap into our creativity and discover our ways to keep providing emotional, mental, or health support to our clients? 

What if it was an opportunity to create resources that could support your business whenever you face a stuck@home situation?


But being stuck@home shouldn’t be an obstacle to offer your services nor to generate some income still to get by.


So yes, I hear the therapists working directly with the body thinking, “Come on! I can’t use my acupuncture needles via a screen!”; “How do you want me to do a massage through a keyboard?!”. 

You are right; there will be some services you won’t be able to provide, but you might be able to offer others. 

As coaches or therapists, we are trained on supporting changes, helping to release stress, fear, or pain, teaching self-care practices, growing confidence, and promoting resilience. And so much more. 

If you know your clients and their needs, then you can support what is urgent for them. From self-massage exercises to herbal recipes to reinforce the immune system or lighten physical pain, or self-hypnosis or meditation recordings, many services can be offered.

Today’s technology is ready to help you in this, and it can be easier to set up than you imagined.

Your mobile phone: your new best colleague.

In addition to allowing you to propose audio or video calls for your consultations, your mobile phone has a powerful camera, and your headphones have a decent microphone. 

It can help you to record audio meditation, self-hypnosis, or any podcast you could dream of.

For the videos, if you need to show your full body to explain a Yoga movement or a self-massage demonstration, you can DIY a tripod easily with a bit of tape and a broomstick. Let your inner McGyver be creative and use daylight as much as you can to bring luminosity to your videos.

Your computer: the other member of your dream team

Your computer webcam can also serve you for online consultation when using video conference tools such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. With this option, you can propose one on one or group sessions but also record video.

You can also share documents and files not only by email but also through shared drives (DropboxGoogle Drive, or else). 

With a simple email, you can already offer a daily course sequence to support a nutrition program, fitness exercises, or anyone day at the time method. Some applications can help you create email sequences to ease your work, such as Active Campaign or HubSpot (and many more).

As you will be on the phone, you will not be able to get an answer other calls and fix appointments, that is where an electronic calendar such as CalendlyAcuity Scheduling can be handy (many more exists).

Be paid for virtual work?

YES! With the massive stuck@home impact, a lot of people offered free services. It is generous but temporary. In the long run, people offering free courses or sessions will either have to “go back to work” or decide to ask for a financial contribution to keep on doing it. If the Internet offers a lot for free, you still need to pay your provider to connect to the net. I know it is down to earth, but that is a fact in this current human world.

Different options are available to recieve online payments. Paypal is probably one of the most known, but Stripe or Adyen also allows you to accept online payments. 

When choosing your payment platform, you should check that it will be compatible with the different apps you want to use. For instance, my online teaching platform is connected to one Stripe as well as my accounting system, which ease the purchasing and lighten the administrative work on my side.

Stuck@home isn’t a fatality but an opportunity

If Stuck@home was a bit unexpected, but we can make something out of it. It is up to you to define if it will be to grow yourself, your business, a bit of both, or take this time to relax and recharge. We all have different priorities, but I’ve been coaching and teaching online for a while now and it is also an exciting way to be present for my clients.

So, if you feel that is your moment to learn how to create your online course or program, jump on my home page to discover more.

Enjoy your staycation or creativecation


Christel Mesey

About the author

Christel Mesey

Online Course Creator’s Coach – Author & Course creator – CEO of I’m helping coaches and therapists birth their online programs or courses with ease, helping them feel confident that they will offer a great learning experience to their learners. I genuinely believe that online training is the future of education and personal growth. It opens the door to alternative ways of teaching beyond borders and cultures. If you have wisdom and knowledge to share, I’d love to support you in the journey to share it with the world. I’ll help you to expand your comprehension of online pedagogy and learning tools, using my experience of course creation and comprehensive understanding of online systems potential. I’ll support you during the creation process through coaching, NLP, or even energy healing should you need to. These practices help me to understand and tune into your universe. They allow me to walk you comfortably through the process of offering your services online while feeling aligned with your heart and dedicated to your clients.