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How a Swedish blue and yellow giant poked my self-confidence

How a Swedish blue and yellow giant poked my self-confidence

I have to confess. Each time I’m paying a visit to Ikea to fetch a piece of furniture, my internal council of wisdom gets lost, and I end up listening to external suggestions.

As a result, I have to deal with a pinch of deception when I bring it home. Either it takes more space than I planned, or it prevents me from moving around pieces of furniture now and then (which I love).

What I realized is that my confusion was coming from the amount of choice available. My brain is seeing too many options that have their advantages.

And it was the same concept that was leading my insecurities to make me ask the opinion of a dozen friends before making a big decision.

Where in your life have too many options driven you not to trust your inner guidance and seek external validation?

Maybe you don’t trust in your capacity to share a message, which stops you from creating your online program or posting on social media. Or perhaps you can’t choose your teaching platform because the choice is too big.

My friends were sweet and eager to help. But what I did not realize back then is that most feedback was related to what they would do facing the same problem. Despite their goodwill to be objective and support.

As a result of finding my solution by consulting others, I would often follow the most sensible advice.

Sometimes it was good advice, but I often had regrets when it comes to Ikea, buying a computer or any other costly purchase.

As I delegated my decision, I was shredding more and more my self-confidence.

A tip build self-confidence is to journal each time you realize that you were “right,” but didn’t listen to your initial thought.

Applying this tip has helped me to make my last purchase with no regrets. What could it help you with?

You may say that you don’t want to judge yourself than you already do, and you would be totally right.

Journaling about it is not about self-guilt party but about integrating that you are right very often, and you could benefit from trusting yourself more.

So if you are ready to embrace your inner wisdom, drop a 🧘‍♀️ in the comments.

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