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From “Wow that’s what I need!” to a feeling of being fooled

Did you ever buy a course where the description of the sales page was so compelling that you thought you found THE course you needed, but when you got access to the content you felt it was a bad joke?

I did, many times, and it made me more and more cautious about buying online courses. I mean, from the super sexy page talking about positive coaching that ended up being a super theoretical pdf document that someone was reading tediously, to the overpromising outcomes of practice that you can never integrate in a short period or even this wonderful course full of generosity but was more someone sharing its philosophy and beliefs than an actual course or program.

Well, I’m probably not the only one as studies show that about 15 to 20% of online courses or programs consumers are asking for a refund of what they registered to. And truth to be told, I never asked for a refund so far, I enter this category of clients that give up on the course and forget about it. So if you add clients like me to those that voiced their discontent, you’re likely to see that the online courses and program industry as a large amount of drop out.


Copywriting slippery slope

Sales page copywriting can be a wonderful thing to introduce your course, but when it oversell it may do you more harm than good. The first role of your sales page is to be informative.

It is not much different from a school program. In Switzerland, where I live, we have these continuous learnings school that will drop their brochure in your mailbox twice a year. They are pretty basic, but guess what, their courses are often full. Why? Because the say what people need to know. They do not over promise but they inform with facts.

So what are these facts?


Your sales page should answer the following questions

Who’s this course for?  Is it a specific population that could benefit from it?

As an example, I’m focusing my coaching on healers, therapists and coach willing to create online courses because I know their world and their words. And would like to help them spread their gifts and wisdom.

Is there any prerequisite?

The prerequisite can be a level of knowledge in a specific field, but it also question of clarity. For example, I’d like my client to know that they want to share before we start working together. 

Who’s this course isn’t for?

By giving this information, you will help them make an educated choice. And if you are not for them, they may recommend you anyway to someone they know as they understand what your course or program is about.

What this course will talk about?

Obviously what you will present, introduce or teach on.

What can you expect from this course?

People like to know what they will get from your course. Offering them some measurable will help them to understand what they can expect from your course.

What is the expected duration of the program (and potential personal work)?

With the crazy busy life most people have these days, getting a clear understanding of the time they will allocate to your training is super important. In fact, it may help a person to define if they buy it now or if they wait a bit to benefit fully from what you will share.


Yes I know, it is not rocked science, but honestly, when I have to create my own sales page, I need my check list to avoid falling into the trap of overexplaining or missing a piece that would make sense for my clients.


I hope it helps your own creative process.
Love & Light
Christel Mesey


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What do I want to share with the world?
Learning can be playfull!
Teaching can be fun!

What drove me in the online courses world?

Dyslexic, my fisrt step with learning was a challenge, or more a nightmare where I thought I was stupid and I my walk to school would be a simple giant knot growing painfully in my stomach.

And surprisignly, it was the best gift life could offer me. The one that offered me to learn differently and to see the world with an out of the box mindset. The day I understood that, my appetite for discovering and learn grew evenmore.

Online courses gave me an oppurtunity to learn beyond notion of time and space. Suddently, I could learn from someone in Canada, France or US without travelling. I could discover perspectives that expanded my universe as it was coming from other cultures or field of work.

But, it also offered me a way to learn that was adapted to my neuronal connexions. As a matter of fact, dyslexia made me deploy my visual, auditive and kynestetic learning intelligences. I would understand and integrate by listening while looking at concrete examples.

From consumer, I became online course creator. I grew a passion for this tool as I see it an amazing tool to expand awaness, the field of possibilities and raise global consciousness by leaving old patterns of education behind.

And you, what brings you here?