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Being creative is wonderful… but it has its challenges when you want to build a business.

Freeing myself from the feeling of being the pinball of my creativity by adopting a holistic mindset helped me greatly to find how I could step out of my own way.

Lately, I have been working on my online program, and suddenly there was that shift of focus. My entire being was calling for other creations. So much so that I could not keep on working on my online program even if I’d set myself some deadline.

  • What to do? 
  • Did it mean that my online project was not meant to be?
  • Did any fear lead me to move to something new?
  • Or none of the above?

Did you ever have such a moment where your attention is called entirely away for what you thought being your main job?

That is super confusing! In fact, as a creative person, I can focus on a project and abruptly flip to another project.

When applying to jobs, I was introducing myself as a slasher as I have many skills that I can deploy in many areas. And it was great, as my employers would be super happy to find someone so polyvalent. 

But when I started building my business, that was an entire other story. 

I struggle finding my rhythm. It became extremely difficult to describe what I was doing as I was called in different areas. I felt that I would never succeed as each time I was feeling that I had find my calling another was pulling me in another direction.


I was suffering from the belief that one has to have one activity and stick to it in order to be successful.

This belief is widely reinforced by the marketing strategies out there suggesting you to be focus on one thing and one target audience. And somehow they are right, it is easier for people to introduce or recommend you when you have one label.

But how to deal with that when your core energy is the one of a creator? Well, you’d have to find the label that englobes all of your callings. And it starts by observing yourself and your callings.

As creator, I came to realize with the time that I was needing to create physical objects others times I needed to let my finger dance on the keyboard to write for days. I would have drawing phases, writing phases and even object designing.

As a healer, I would also have phases with a sudden rush of distance healing clients. Usually in the shape of a handful of people coming to me with similar patterns at the same period.

As channeller, some days I need to synchronize with my sofa while my body gets some rest or my being upload new inspirations for future projects. Other days, I feel the urge to connect with nature and walk or disconnect to remain in silence.

As a human?

I was feeling like a pinball!

Pulled back and forth by all these callings while the world around me had a different way of functioning. Coming from a desk job career, this new rhythm of being and doing was confusing and disturbing for months.

People around me would urge me to channel my creativity and focus on one thing.

That enhanced my feeling of not knowing what I was doing. I felt stressed, inefficient and could not see where my adventure was taking me. It was even harder to explain what I was doing and trying to propose my services as I felt unclear myself.


I felt lost until I stopped fighting my nature and start observing it.

I came to understand that if my intellect had no clue what so ever of where I was going at that time, my being was guiding me all along. 

But to discover that, I had to sit with myself and explore my different callings. I had to note what they were offering to people as a service and how did they serve me. I had to connect with the value and purpose of each creation. 

In there I found the thread. All these callings were conveying love and care. Every creation was aiming to empower the one using or enjoying them. Suddenly, my artwork was supporting my intellectual work and my energy work and vice versa.

Finding that thread helped me to sort out the overwhelming number of ideas and allowed me to make priority choices and to keep only the ones that would really serve my entire business universe.


Upgrade from creative to visionary

Eventually, by understanding the common values and purpose of all my callings allowed me to upgrade from a creative person to a visionary. A person wanting to offer a full experience to the people coming to her.

If each creation seemed random at first, finding what made them coherent brought me to show up congruently in my life. It also allowed me to feel more confident and gave me a sense of direction that empowered my entire services and business.


Allow the space but keep the focus

When I stopped fitting these callings, I began to see also another part of their purpose.

I came to realize that the distance I took from my core project for a day or a week helped me to see my project with fresh eyes.

I also began to grasp that these inspiration or “distractions” were appearing when I was too much in my brain or too technical and needing to reconnect with the essence of what I do: joy. 


So what if your various callings had a purpose for you? What would it be?

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What do I want to share with the world?
Learning can be playfull!
Teaching can be fun!

What drove me in the online courses world?

Dyslexic, my fisrt step with learning was a challenge, or more a nightmare where I thought I was stupid and I my walk to school would be a simple giant knot growing painfully in my stomach.

And surprisignly, it was the best gift life could offer me. The one that offered me to learn differently and to see the world with an out of the box mindset. The day I understood that, my appetite for discovering and learn grew evenmore.

Online courses gave me an oppurtunity to learn beyond notion of time and space. Suddently, I could learn from someone in Canada, France or US without travelling. I could discover perspectives that expanded my universe as it was coming from other cultures or field of work.

But, it also offered me a way to learn that was adapted to my neuronal connexions. As a matter of fact, dyslexia made me deploy my visual, auditive and kynestetic learning intelligences. I would understand and integrate by listening while looking at concrete examples.

From consumer, I became online course creator. I grew a passion for this tool as I see it an amazing tool to expand awaness, the field of possibilities and raise global consciousness by leaving old patterns of education behind.

And you, what brings you here?