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When a cable car reminds you to invest in your dreams

Recently, I was visiting Lyon 🇫🇷 with my partner and we ended up wondering if we should take the cable car to get to the cathedral or not. For him it was a waste of money 💰, for me it was an investment 💰.

I could already see my exhaustion and discomfort after climbing the 157 steps under the radiant sun and the current heatwave.

Once we reached the foot of the stairs, he smiled and proposed to go for lunch as he was too tired to climb “that”. I laugh as it was the perfect excuse to come back to Lyon soon.

But thinking about it, a few years back, I might have had the same reasoning he had 🤔. I was starting my business and was evaluating each expense 🧐 with a fear of lack growing as my savings were shrinking.

When I started my journey in the online course creation world, I knew very little and didn’t want to spend a lot as I had the feeling that I could learn it all with free youtube tutorials.

It was a great experience filled with lessons and discoveries.

But the thing is, it also eroded the confidence and trust in my project at times. As I had no support system in place.

But back to my fear of spending at the beginning. It made me believe that I should rely mainly on self-study and any coaching would be a waste of money.

As a resilient person 🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♀️🧘‍♂️, it was quite a normal belief. But I had no one to turn to when I had doubts, no one to challenge me when I was going in the wrong direction.

As a result, if I theoretically saved money, I also wasted time and by extension a source of income. I waited for my bank account to be more than dried to admit I needed support and that I didn’t save money at all.

Fast forward, after rebuilding my finances, I decided to invest in getting some support. I hired a coach, invested in having the proper tools to ease my daily work, and even delegated tasks.

Suddenly I had someone that had my back🧚, was encouraging me but also was telling me when I was gearing in the wrong direction. I had tools that were in alignment with my work and visual values (yes graphic design is important to me). And I can use my time for my clients rather than taking hours to deals with translations, administration or else.

What a change!

📌 Being a coach myself, I should have known better, even coaches need coaches.

📌 Having worked in teams, I should have known that I’m no one-woman orchestra and I needed to delegate.

📌 Having a designer background, I should have known that I couldn’t work with tools that were not visually appealing and clear.

And honestly deep down I knew it from the start.

But the fear of lack had way more power than my wisdom.

Sometimes the fastest way to save money is to spend money by investing in your future.

👀 Where in your life had your fear of lack clouded your judgment or lead you to make decisions that slowed you down or cost you more in the long run?

Maybe you don’t get the support you need and persist in believing you can do it all. Maybe you struggle to delegate. Maybe you don’t buy a new office chair that would release your back pain. Maybe you postpone buying a new computer, but keep on fuming at every crash.

The next time you hesitate to invest in your dream, ask yourself, how could it BENEFIT my dream and SPEED up its MATERIALIZATION?

You may think, yes but if I spend on that, I will have less “survival” cash flow! Maybe, but what if it was that investment that would bring new clients in? What if delegating could make space for you to connect with buyers?

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