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I need to teach from home! How do I do?



With schools temporarily closing in Switzerland, and other countries, due to the current pandemic, I though several TEACHERS will have to teach from home and could use some help on SETTING UP their ONLINE TEACHING TOOLBOX.



You will find below QUICK EASY FIX TOOLS TO TEACH ONLINE that you can use without extensive computer knowledge or logistic preparation.


Webinars are a great tool to teach online; there are various programs available at different price ranges (from free to paid). Here are some ideas of the use of a webinar program:

  • Offer a lesson 
  •  Sharing your screen, having your video on or not, sharing your screen if you need to, answering questions on a chat, and save them.
  • Record a session
  •  Being it a course with the presence of your students or without, you can record the session and share the link easily
  • Offer a coworking space
  •  Your learners do their homework all at the same time and see each other working, with a space to ask written question if need for support
  • Q&A recording
  •  You record answers or explanation to questions asked by email

As stated, there are many programs, but Zoom stood up to support education by temporarily lifting the 40-minute time limit on free Basic accounts for schools affected by the situation

Word, Excel & Powerpoint for free

Your students may not have access to a computer with MS Office. Besides, their parent may not have today the finances to spend on this as many businesses are in slow motion.
You can offer them a free alternative with:
– OnlyOffice 
– OpenOffice 
– G Suite (Google) 

File transfer

You may need to share presentations or videos, and can use:
– SwissTransfer
– WeTransfer

Shared documents & resource library

Some may not be aware of it, but the more message with attachments there are, the more energy it consumes. Also, as with rush hours, the bandwidth of our providers will likely face high demand, so to avoid the “traffic jam,” a smart move would be to use shared drives.

The principle is simple, you have one document stored in a cloud, and you share a link of it to all your learners. That is even more adapted if you have several classes and need to share the same document over and over again (homework, presentation, video, etc.).

Google Drive is free. Wile KDrive has a very economical plan (1-month free testing though) and has the advantage of being a Swiss product, stored in the country (thus follows Swiss confidentiality regulations).

Video storage

Youtube and Vimeo can store videos non-registered, meaning that only people having the link to your video could access it. It allows you to control your presence online. Your student can comment below to ask their question if need be.

Voilà for the quick fix toolbox to teach online. Dop a comment if it helps or if you would like additional information.

In the coming days, I’ll post more on online teaching pedagogy and technics.

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