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how a sculpture rocked my beliefs around teaching

How a sculpture rocked my beliefs around teaching

How Athena messed up with what I thought I knew

During my time working in the humanitarian field, I had the pleasure of living in Pakistan for over a year. Yes, the pleasure, you wouldn’t imagine the beauty of the landscape and how amazing people are. What not many people know about are the archeology treasures of the country. I had the privilege to visit one of them, Taxila. 

While I was visiting the museum nearby, I suddenly stood still in front of a sculpture of Athena. Yes, yes, the greek goddess! What? Here?

Going back to the labels and the history explained on posters, I realized that this city was once a notorious sculpture teaching center. At the same time, Alexander the Great troops were present but also one of the most prominent Buddhist universities in the region around the same period.

If Athena caught was the one catching my eye, what smacked me were the Buddhist sculptures beside her. These bas-reliefs were looking like orthodox triptych iconography (3 panels with a stained-glass shape; one with Buddha, one with his Mother and him on her laps and the last one representing his friends).

But wait… that shape, I was taught in art school that this style was born in the middle age… And here I was, looking at sculpture dated centuries before BC.

At that exact moment, while my jaw was reaching the floor, I realized how much I knew and didn’t know at the same time. What I had been taught was the reflection of my teacher’s knowledge.

Have you ever come across something that was offering a new perspective to what you learned?

That day reinforced something I knew deep down: even if you teach, you will always be an apprentice, but you can still be a good teacher. My teacher might not have had all the information at that time, but she already opened up my mind!

Often when creating our first online programs, as we are on a learning curve, the teacher or messenger in us tends to be affected by THE IMPOSTER SYNDROME. 

It is a natural feeling as we spend a lot of energy learning how to create a program and promote it. Somehow THE LEARNER and THE TEACHER within us are at a different level of EXPERTISE. The gap between their respective level is what activates the imposter syndrome.

If you doubt yourself, then you need to REMEMBER that you have expertise in your domain; thus, YOU ARE AN EXPERT. This is true EVEN WHEN LEARNING how to hold space online.


Your participants don’t expect you to be perfect, they expect you to show them the way. 


🧩 They did not come for an ideal camera setting, nor your outfit or makeup. 

🧩 They did not enroll for the fancy platform or program you use.


🔥They did not enroll for what you are learning today but for what you have already integrated.

🧚‍♀️ They did come to you because of your message.

🧚‍♀️ They did join because of your way of explaining things resonated with them. 

🧚‍♀️ They did enroll for your content and your expertise.


Your job now is to speak to the teacher and the learner in you and ask them to stop arguing. They are both legitimated in their own field. And if the expert in you became experienced, then the learner will too. 

Be patient with your learning curve and celebrate each new understanding or upgrades.

Love & Light

Christel Mesey

Christel Mesey

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