Dráô is a 52 cards oracle deck inviting you to discover yourself, your needs, your qualities and your potential.

It is a friendly companion that loves helping you grow your confidence, seeing your intuition grow and your self-love blossom.

It will gently guide you to act for your well-being and a balanced life.

It will suport you and encourage you in times of doubts or transition gracefully.

Recomended sale price 35.- CHF/TTC

This self-edited deck of card met the hand of its first owners in August 2016 after about two years of creation.

Its creation was a support and a growth tool during a period of professional and emotional storm. It gave me the strengh and the confidence to change my life. The deck energy is all about self discovery and awarnes. It speaks about positioning yourself, making choices and allowing yourself to be happy.

I was blessed to be inspired and it came as a gift to me that I am honoured to share thanks to a crowdfunding campaing. Its edition was possible thanks to amazing people that felt in love with Drao before even meeting him.

Today, the deck has reached its crowd in various countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia, United States, Canada, Indonesia, Belgium, France, Australia, Switzerland, Lebanon, and many more.

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What emotions! I recommend this beautiful oracle that is perfect. I had a very nice connection with this game. Shipped fast with care and surprises. Happy thanks!

Corinne A. le 23 fév 2018


These oracle cards are very high frequency and exquisite. One of my favorite decks, and I own over 60+. Wholeheartedly recommended to any conscious individuals.

Starseed Energetics le 06 aoû 2018


A game of great gentleness, of great generosity. I am appeased just by looking at it.
Packed with care, I am delighted.

Elodie le 04 fév 2019


Absolute beautiful set of cards. The colours and artistery is breathtaking. Very friendly and kind contact. Delivery was fast and the packaging came with a wonderful personal touch. Merci

Emerald Orchid le 06 sep 2017

Technical Information

52 cards illustrated with care based on original pastel creations
Size: 90 x 128 mm (3.54 x 5″)
Paper 350gm2 varnished matt

1 booklet of explication including an inspirational text per carte and optional questions to ask yourself related to your interrogation.
Size: 90 x 128 mm (3.54 x 5″)

1 box in carton illustrated and varnished (matt)
Size: 100 x 140 mm (3.93 x 5.5″)




MAGIQUE I LOVE IT. Received very quickly, with a small bonus gift, the creator is adorable and very sweet and the oracle Drao is today one of the oracles I use daily thank you for your talent and kindness. I recommend. luminously

David 25 August 2018


A nice gift to make or do. Christel brings a lot of care to the realization of the packaging. Nice surprises with the package.
The illustrations are quite “raw” but very meaningful. The colors are vibrant. To discover.

Sandra H. 04 jan 2018


The tool is beautiful, the texts are very strong and well written in a logical language and very legible for the heart. We can work only with the card and understand, understand yourselves. It puts me in a positive state. The wording is perfect. It gives us the strength to make efforts. A wonderful friend and tools to accompany us to the discovery of oneself, to radiate in our strong interior and then shine like a lighthouse for the other. But not before doing the work on you. But not before having done the work for oneself, having that sincerity and those little beings of light that resonate in us are there to help us to have faith in our light in us. Thank you and congratulations the author.

Vincent B. le 31 oct 2017


A wonder ! The cards are of very good quality, quite rigid and of good thickness. They are matte, which I find sublime, highlighting the illustrations. They swallow well when brewed, etc. Everything is perfect ! Thanks a lot to Christel for the little bonuses in the package!

Sophie le 28 déc 2018


Impeccable and fast delivery!
The game is splendid. I love the sweetness that emerges from these cards. I like the colors used and the inspired messages. To recommend !

Sandrine le 21 nov 2018