Choose yourself!

Love yourself!

Recognize yourself!

⭐️ Befriend your body ⭐️

⭐️ Decode the teachings of your emotions ⭐️

⭐️ Unlock your inner dialog and your mind ⭐️

A coaching program that has your back!

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Living Your Alchemy is giving you the means to create your well-being


Decide the relationship you want to build with yourself. Beyond appearances, your body is an amazing companion that supports you. Did you ever take a moment to listen to it? Did you ever imagine that it could be supporting you in your dreams? Could the best trainer of your life be yourself?


Step back from the emotional storms and anxiety to find the message of your fear or anger. Decifer your needs and learn to respect your boundaries by stepping out of your anger and see what it really triggers. Do you respect your limits and needs? Do you allow yourself to be present and let others be with you fully?


Meet your wisdom council. Integrate the different aspects of your mind & spirit and allow them to play an active role in your life. Explore how and when to activate them by recognizing each of them. Did you ever take the time to dialogue with your mind and allow it to wander? Do you recognize how brillant you are?  Do you listen to your intuition? Are you stuck with a loud inner judge that sabotages your intentions?

A coaching program that has your back!

A coach working with you during conference calls

An online method to support your individual work

Lifelong access to the online tools

The content

Your coach
10 live online group coaching sessions (see curriculum)

Working books
5 Brainstorming workbooks (PDF)
3 Intentions note book (on Word)

3 e-well-being cards
Body – Mind or Emotions
A template to always have your intention close to you

Journal templates
Daily journal to motivate you and celebrate your victories
Monthly journal to become accountable to yourself

❤️ Cultivate your self-love

🧡 Grow your self-confidence

💛 Recognize who you are

💚 Allow yourself to be

💙 Be true to yourself even when it is scary

💜 Create your blissfull life

Intimate working groups

⭐️ Sharing experience

⭐️ Learning from each other

⭐️ Supporting each-others

⭐️ Expanding your awareness

Participate in one of our intimate groups to enjoy a safe space where you can exchange ideas, discoveries as well as your challenges. Seeing others progress will offer you new perspectives and sharing your breakthroughs is amazingly powerful as you will be cheered on by people who know what you are going through. The groups are intentionally small (4 participants) to allow a genuine interaction during the 1h conference calls. To ensure the safe space, the conference calls are not recorded, it is therefore important that you commit to participate to every call to ensure that the group can benefit fully from the group session.



The most creatively beautiful transformational program I have taken. It allows you to go as deep as you want in a very gentle completive way with manageable exercices that you can easily fit into your schedule. It’s been an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

Christel is profoundly connected to source and a no bullshit loving mentor.

Jennifer M. - San Diego - USA

It has been an incredible journey of discovery and a-ha moments, even when ‘we are not doing the work’ per se. It brought me awareness and shined light on my darkness. I was able to visit the parts of me I wasn’t proud of or wanted to hide. Christel guides you through your fears with such mastery and highlight things you could not see on yourself. I felt an amazing support, kind understanding and she makes this deep, hard work feel easy and feel like a game!

Rosa B. - Beja - Portugal

It is by getting to know yourself that you get to love yourself unconditionally

Creative Box

Using creativity is a way to enhance the integration of your thinking process. When using your hands to express needs, discoveries in a creative way, it allows your brain to tap into different neuronal connexion and intuition as well as your emotional intelligence. It is a playful way to discover yourself beyond logic, assumption or beliefs. In addition, it will help you to integrate your change and discoveries at deep level as both your mind and body are working with you.

To support this process, you will receive by post your creative box filled with:

  • 36 Well-being cards: 12x “body”, 12x “emotions” and 12x “mind”
  • 1 greeting card
  • 1 gardening kit
  • 1 colour pencils set
  • 1 fabric pen
  • 1 glue stick
  • 1 set of post-it

Become your own master


Module 1 – Unveil your beliefs
Module 2 – Assess your relationship with your body
Module 3 – Decide of the relationship you want to build with yourself


Module 4 – Build your courage and validate your needs and values
Module 5 – Cultivate your joy
Module 6 – Become your own master


Module 7 – Discover your council of the wises
Module 8 – Use your analyst wisely and tame your inner judge
Module 9 – Grow through your inner child and tap into your intuition
Integration & closing call

3 months journey


M1 – Week 1
M2 – Week 2
M3 – Week 3
Integration – Week 4


M4 – Week 5
M5 – Week 6
M6 – Week 7
Integration – Week 8


M7 – Week 9
M8 – Week 10
M9 – Week 11
Integration & Closing – Week 12

5 months journey


M1 – Week 1 & 2
M2 – Week 3 & 4
M3 – Week 5 & 6
Integration – Week 7 & 8


M4 – Week 9 & 10
M5 – Week 11 & 12
M6 – Week 13 & 14
Integration – Week 15 & 16


M7 – Week 17 & 18
M8 – Week 19 & 20
M9 – Week 21 & 22
Integration & Closing – Week 23

Your coach & methodology creator

Christel Mesey
Founder of Joy Whisperers – Life coach, NLP Master practitioner, Healer, Intuitive Artist

Christel has coached and trained personal growth enthusiasts all over the world. It is through her 10 years of humanitarian work in Africa, Asia and Europe, that she discovered her passion for knowledge transmission and coaching. She is a certified trainer and NLP Master practitioner as well as energy healer.

Her mantra – from self discovery to self recovery – led her to create personal growth tools and workshops that were recently made available online. These tools offer support and assist all individuals looking for self discovery and growth. One of her best selling personal development tool is Drao, which is getting great reviews all over the world.

It is her own alchemy and personal transformational process that infused all her training program with sincerity and real life experience.


What an adventure! Thank you so much for allowing me this wonderful quest inside of me. What meticulousness and care given to all. What an inspiration and creativity too…. I have never seen or read anything like it and am really happy to have been able to participate. A wonderful setting in which I could evolve freely (time, way to go, doors to open, artistic freedom). THANK YOU

Katia W. - Geneva - Switzerland

It has been for me an important eye opener on “who” I am and who I want “to be” in all its forms. It allowed me to position myself on what is important to me in the present and the future. It is full of examples with different ways to integrate concepts using listening, reading, drawing, reflection, projection into the future, tinkering… Thank you!

Sophie T. - Geneva - Switzerland