Living your Alchemy

Be the agent of your transformation and become your own master.

Living Your Alchemy is a set of online coaching tools to help you understanding yourself, decoding the language of your body, your emotions and your mind.

  • Build a strong relationship with yourself
  • Allow yourself to be true to who you are and who you are meant to be
  • Cultivates your confidence and self-love

Choose yourself!

Love yourself!

Recognize yourself!

⭐️ Befriend your body

⭐️ Decode the teachings of your emotions

⭐️ Unlock your inner dialog and your mind

A coaching program that has your back!

It has been an incredible journey of discovery and a-ha moments, even when ‘we are not doing the work’ per se. It brought me awareness and shined light on my darkness. I was able to visit the parts of me I wasn’t proud of or wanted to hide. Christel guides you through your fears with such mastery and highlight things you could not see on yourself. I felt an amazing support, kind understanding and she makes this deep, hard work feel easy and feel like a game!

Rosa B. - Geneva / Switzerland


  • Free yourself from past pains
  • Discover the gifts of your experiences
  • Recognize the qualitites of the child that built you

Forgiving is not forgetting. Forgiving is moving from a state of wound to your healing. It is looking at the pain to extract its most precious gift: your being.

Forgiving is offering yourself to heal. It has nothing to do with the other, but all to do with you. It is allowing yourself to reprogram your mind to leave the recuring patern and shemas of your life behind.

This workshop is a step to lean toward the understanding of the concept of forgiveness and to ease its integration and support you on your self freeing process.

Offer yourself peace!

I was rebelling against a person that was abusing of my time, efforts and for who I felt being never enough. I was stuck in a loop of fustration and anger. Forgiving was a gift to myself that came through understanding that I was responsible to being manipulated by this person as long as I did not stand for myself. It freed me and helped me to start saying no. I feel lighter and I finally respect my needs. Thank you so much for this gift!

Claire-Lise M. - Geneva / Switzerland

From dreams to reality

Choose to live your dreams and project fully.

The Dream to Reality tools are here to support you on bring a dream to a realistic project, to project yourself on what could become true and assess how it will impact your life. It will also help you to clarify the needs around your projects and gather the resources that will support your path to your success.

  • Visualize your project and yourself in your ideas
  • Find tools to allow you to realize your project with the least stress possible
  • Integrate a mindset that will support your success

From a dream to reality

  • Allow yourself to succeed
  • Clarify your intention
  • Assess its impact in your life

Anchor your ideas
Set the bases of your intention, your expectations and your needs. A way to avoid the illusions traps to and create a realistic project as well as reinforcing your motivation.

Assess your intention
Validate your project through visualisation and thinking process. Assess its impact on your life to ensure that your always keep your well-being in mind as well as your social life.

Create your success
At your rythm, identify potential obstacles and find solutions even before they occurs to reduce the stress of realizing your dreams.

I managed to get a clear picture of my entire project. I even realized approaches that I hadn’t thought of before. It allowed me to define clearly my needs. It gave me the strength to start and find opportunities. Thanks for helping me structuring my thoughts and to take concreate actions.

Gisèle B. - Vaud / Switzerland

My gifts to you

Your 5 steps guide

to dance with your fears


Your mini-survival kit for moments when shit hit the fan and anxiety or fear take the best of you.

Transitionning to a New Year

  • Collect the gifts of the current year
  • Choose what is to keep and what is to let go
  • Understand your own rythm for the New Year through the seasons’ symbolism

This End of the Year workshop allow you a fully autonomous positive assessment of what your lived, learnt and grew during the year. It will help you to be aware of your own rythms so that the year to come is aligned with your well-being.

Wow! That was so good to look back at my year! I neveer thought that I did and learnt so much. I feel so inspired and confident now for this new year! Thanks for this gift

Laura G. - Paris / France