Life is made of milestone and cycles. While years are setting the rhythm of humanity, your own cycles are different. Each of them brings its change, its moult toward the unknown and unexpected. At each milestone its bag of doubts and fears: the fear to change, the fear to say goodbye to what we know, as comfortable or uncomfortable it might be. The unknown is scary and can freeze you on the spot or make you retreat… Suddenly when we are ready to move on, a new lie opens up, new possibilities emerge. My role is to help you getting through changes gracefully with tools that help you:

Making choices
Free yourself from old pattern
Unlock your blockages
Clarify your ideas
Assess and accept your needs
Daring your life

Life coaching with NLP

NLP is the generic name of a powerful toolbox used in various therapeutic domains. Within the scope of Equilibrium for personal development.

While the word programming could frighten, in the NPL and coaching language, it relates to the beliefs and reactions that we encoded in your life journey. If we could use the analogy of computers, some beliefs are still up to date and some need upgrading to allow you to reach the next level of your life. For instance, some programs are dating from your childhood feelings and therefore are not useful anymore and could be replaced by new beliefs.

With NLP we can help you in your decision process, interact with the different aspect of you (the judge, the shy, the brave, the courageous, etc.) ad allow you to step up, unlock a limitative belief and turn it into a powerful resource. We can go through your project to check their pertinence, build your confidence for a job interview, etc.

Your potential is way more than your think and NLP is a tool to help you rediscover it.


Energy therapy

Energy is the capacity of a system to generate a movement and create light, warmth, electricity or, at human level, heart beat allowing you to live. As you understand we are all made of energy. This energy can be treated as frequencies and tuned in to activate your natural healing process.

The healing of an injury is a concrete and visible demonstration of our healing power. We do not know how the body does that, but it knows and does spontaneously. It is the same natural flow of energy that can be used to heal a body through energy therapy.

Energically emotions are imprinting in your body like retention pocket. While the mind might have understood a pain, emotions have no words, pains and chocks il be printed in the memory of a data in your computer hard drive. My job is to help you clean and reprogram your cells so that they can tune in their healthy program.

To this day, there is no scientific explanation of the process, however doctors are more and more aware of this potential of healing. For instance, in Switzerland it is pretty common having hospital providing the number of a healer to help you heal burning or accompany cancer ray therapies. Chinese medicine works for ages with the meridians in combination with science-based medicine. Both are complementing each other, while one treats the symptom (the sickness of pain) the other is seeking to heal the primary cause (emotions, trauma, needs of the being).

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Booking your appointment

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Discovery call

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Coaching / NLP Session
180.- CHF/TTC

Energy therapy
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Remote energy therapy
80.- CHF/TTC

Frequent Questions

What if I’m already working with a psychologist?

Check with her/him if it is the right time for you and the right combination with the work in progress. Keep in mind that too many cooks in the kitchen is not the best way to have a perfect meal, therefore sometimes you’d better have one therapist to avoid mixed messages or to connect the therapist so they can have a common approach and avoid contradictory messages.

Does healing replace science-based medicine?

Not at all! If you are following a treatment, do not quit your medication unless you get a clear validation from your doctor. If you have a physical injury, the healing will come in addition to a medical care to facilitate and boost the healing process but will not replace a plaster on a broken arm for example.

Is it sorcery or magic?

No! Scientists around the globe are starting to observe the energy healing process without marginalizing it, but it is solely a human capacity that is yet to be fully discovered. The ability to work with energy exist in each of us, as we all are made of energy. Some people are more fluent in using energy than others as some are better at math or music. Energy healers are simply more open to the invisible than others and agrees that they don’t necessary need to see but feeling is also true. One can learn to grow this potential through courses, personal development and training. It requires dedication at personal level as you need to be healed before healing others, you need to grow permanently both energetically and spiritually, you need to learn and expand your awareness to the invisible but also to the world we a living in, to my point of view.