Calling Coaches, Therapists and Healers !

You want to create an online course but have some fears or questions on how to begin?

You already took courses to learn how to do it but did not act on it?

You already built an online course but are not fully conviced of the result?

I’d love to interview you to learn more about blocages that may impact other online courses creators. Listening to your struggles will help me to consider others problematics that may hamper people’s to create their online courses. It will nourrish my courses or articles about online course creation.

In exchange of your time, after interviwing you, I’ll offer you a free coaching session on online course creation.

Let me introduce myself

As many coaches and therapists my career has many lifes smile.

Few years ago, I opened my practice of NLP coaching and healing, at the same time I was publishing my first personal growth tool : Drao Oracle deck.

I always loved sharing and transmitting knowledge as well as what freed or healed me. During my 13 years in the humanitarian field, I grew my love for teaching while training more than 500 people and supported them in change management.

But it took some time for me to realize that teaching is part of my life missions, even if the words “that would be good for a school” were popping in my head while looking for a place for my office. I would then push the thought away wondering “what the heck”?

Shortly after, I built my first online course, without knowing, the school was gestating. While the attendees of my courses were super happy, something in me got stuck into the selling process. Then I got it… If the creation process was exciting and the student amazing, on another hand I did not feel like holding the space for this subject at this point in my life.

It shook me, but I took the time to observe what people were coming to me for and suddently it was obvious: supporting people with project, motivating, bringing my computer savy expertise to allow them to blossom.

Today, I’m building an online training and coaching tool dedicated to coaches, therapist and healers. A space where your language will be understood and where you will learn how to create your own online courses, online workshop and training in alignement with who you are.

To do so, I need your help. If I know the challenges I faced, I’d like to learn about others challenges to be able to build a tool that could really serve you and other people who dedicate their life to serve others.

I look forward to meeting you


How will it work?

  • First book an appointment on my agenda at the most suitable time for you.
  • Then you get a confirmation with a Zoom link for a video-chat valid for the date selected
  • During our virtual call, you will share your intention for your courses as well as what is blocking or worrying you. I’ll take some note that will serve to feed my course creation process.
  • Based on your personal experience, I’ll provide you with few tips or suggestions that could help you to find your mojo back to share your content with the one who need it.
  • After our interview, I’ll send you a checklist tool and a booklet that may help you to rediscover what you already master and give you some indication on what you could discover or improve in your approach.

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