Your 5 step guide

to dance with your fears


A mini-survival kit for moments when shit hit the fan and anxiety or fear take the best of you.

Blog & Articles

Stress, Anxiety & Fears

Stress and anxiety have a great impact on our quality of life. Here we approach the stress in a working environment context.

The little coaching dictionnary

What on Earth is my coach or NLP therapist speaking about? This series will help you to grasp the language used by your coach as well as some food for though on your own personal growth path.

When talking about the inner child many people are thinking about the innocence and spontaneity that kids can have as well as their capacity to play. These are amazing aspect of childhood but the inner child has a much wider universe and could well be your first and most impactful master.

Do you have any doubt about it?

Let’s explore a bit what your inner child did for you…

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