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Here you are! You have your online course or program topic. It is something you care about and you are ready to share what you learned and experimented. You want to communicate about it and offer a rich universe to your student. Wonderful!

Yes but…

Differentiating your journey from the teaching

There’s often a gap between what we think is good to educate about and what people need. Sometimes, we see a solution to a problem as we identified it through our journey, needs, and process. However, what may have felt easy for us may be the difficulty of another being as what we struggled with my be easy for others.

Serving adequately

To serve your audience, you need to know it. There are different ways to survey its needs, online or in-person or even a mix of both.

By knowing your audience, it’s needs, questions, and struggles, you can enrich your online course or program content. As a secondary benefice, you will learn how they speak, but also how you respond to them. This dialogue will help you to pick naturally the right words at the right time when communicating with your audience.

To give you an example, it is by listening to my clients that I realized that many were lost in the jungle of IT tools. This how I thought of adding this parameter to my program to offer solutions in addition to teachings.

3 steps to understand your client needs


The first step to assess your audience to understand where to find it. To do so, I invite you to list :

  • The social media you use (including chat groups)
  • The physical places where they hang out

Then mingle, listen and observe. Where is the topic you want to raise is mentioned? How people speak about it? What are their struggles and win?


The second step is to observe where you feel comfortable to engage in that topic. Some will be at ease in networking gathering, others meeting one on one people and some will prefer chat with people online.

  • What is your natural environment of dialogue?

Ask questions

The third step is to engage with people with specific questions related to your online course or program topic.

  • What struggles did you face about…?
  • What were your obstacles or difficulties?
  • What would you expect from a course about…?
  • What would you want to gain from such a program or course?

These few questions are a starting point to understand where does your potential client comes from. But you can add plenty, use your imagination.

Having already experiment and found a solution to their problem through your journey, by listening to them, you may rediscover some steps that you already forgot. 

Engaging with people who may benefit from your program will help you remember each step you took and sometimes realize that what seemed easy to you may be someone else’s pain. You will, therefore, concentrate on ease their journey by helping them on their pain points. That will be one of your strengths that will benefit your entire course or program online.


About the author

Christel Mesey

  • Online Course Creator’s Coach
  • Author & Course creator
  • Founder of

What do I want to share with the world?
Learning can be playfull!
Teaching can be fun!

What drove me in the online courses world?

Dyslexic, my fisrt step with learning was a challenge, or more a nightmare where I thought I was stupid and I my walk to school would be a simple giant knot growing painfully in my stomach.

And surprisignly, it was the best gift life could offer me. The one that offered me to learn differently and to see the world with an out of the box mindset. The day I understood that, my appetite for discovering and learn grew evenmore.

Online courses gave me an oppurtunity to learn beyond notion of time and space. Suddently, I could learn from someone in Canada, France or US without travelling. I could discover perspectives that expanded my universe as it was coming from other cultures or field of work.

But, it also offered me a way to learn that was adapted to my neuronal connexions. As a matter of fact, dyslexia made me deploy my visual, auditive and kynestetic learning intelligences. I would understand and integrate by listening while looking at concrete examples.

From consumer, I became online course creator. I grew a passion for this tool as I see it an amazing tool to expand awaness, the field of possibilities and raise global consciousness by leaving old patterns of education behind.

And you, what brings you here?