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Christel Mesey

Healer, NLP Practicioner, Intuitive Artist

Passionate about human beings, I enjoy discovering its mechanism. Throughout the years, I created myself, reinvented myself, and pursue this adventure called life. I’m shaking my boundaries, visiting new territories and go always further in the way of my happiness. This is what I’d like to share with the one ready to change their habits, patterns, believes to touch their true nature.

Neurolinguistics practitioner, energy healer and intuitive artist, I like combining technics and tools to allow people to understand themselves and grow their potential. Creation is a playful approach I enjoy as it brings to the surface many unconscientious guidance and needs of the Soul.

Creator, I share my inspiration through tools and guidance to help you reaching your heart. My first published tool was Drao, a personal development oracle, then came along online workshops. The future will bring new tools as one of my purpose in life is to create tools for you… Get ready to discover more regularly

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