Being actor of your well-being


Feeling supported in time of changes


Growing your confidence and resources

A balanced life is the capacity to take care of each aspect of you to create your personal ecology, a way of life that will be flourishing and nurturing. To build it, you shall take care of each aspect of your life by reinforcing your foundations: your relationship with your body, your emotions and your mind. By strengthening your structure, your inner stability you will grow your confidence and positioning.

But it is more than thought. Creating a balanced life will require that you take care of your energy. This energy is based on what thrives you, what motivates you and inspires you. It is a life force that will feed you from inside that will bring you self-respect and self-recognition.

A balanced life is also the relationship you have with others, your positioning, your expectations, your judgment and beliefs as well as what you would like to share.

Finally, it is the balance between work, social life, family life, leisure, adventures and studies that flow in harmony to bring you the most amazing, resourceful and enriching experiences.

Creativity serving your awareness

Online workshops

Grow your self-awareness and confidence. Become your own coach by growing the seeds of talents in you and waking up the one asleep to become the best version of yourself.

Personal care

Through energy healing or Neurolinguistics programming (NLP), enjoy the support in your life change or positioning. Build and consolidate your self-confidence and break old patterns.

Drao Oracle

52 cards to take you on a personal growth journey with benevolance + 1 inspirational booklet

Grow the seed of your potential

Feel supported in times of transition


Dráô is an oracle of 52 cards with an explanatory and inspirational booklet in English & French. It invites you to discover yourself, your needs, qualities and potentials. It is a friends who loves seeing you building your self confidence and developing your intuition. With benevolence, it will invite you to act for your well being and balance.  It will support you and encourage you in times of doubts or transition.

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About me

My alchemy quest came from my need to feel good

This need to accept this human body that let me perplexed, this need to live my emotions rather that enduring them as a tormoil… This need to calm my mind to help it working for me rather than turning in circle at the rythm of fears and judgments.

From self-discovery to self-recovery

The adventure started with the life’s scars and my need to understand, decode and analyse the human behaviour. I attended classes and trainings to understand the functionning of emotions and the message they have to offer. Through this path, I learnt to tame my inner judge and my fears to turn them into an inner coach and motivation agents.

Sharing the alchemy process

By living my alchemy, my transformation, I developped my toolbox and shared it naturally through conversation. Sharing understandings and knowledge as supporting transitions became a second nature to me. I had the pleasure to put it in practice in the scope of humanitarian missions. It led me to support over 300 people in a change process in 3 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia), for issues suche as changing working tools, adapting to a crisis situation or an environemental or personal change.

Discovering yourself

My job is to help you to discover yourself, to get to know and understand yourself to allow you to build the life that is calling you. Seeing my clients finding their solution and motivation source to create their change is making me thrill. When a spark of light shines in your eyes while your realize your options and get rid of your limitative beliefs is the best part of my day.

While having a holistic apporach with energetic healing, self-awakening and spiritual openess, I am also pragmatic. My background as interior designer greatly influenced me as it placed me at the cross road between creativity and practicallity. I use as much art to express emotions than creativity and project manangement to help you grow your being or/and your projects.

I love seing you brining your ideas to reality, being it personal or projects. I’ll offer you my global vision, my phylosofical and positive approach as well as this part of me that will dig in you to help you shine with your qualities and skills. You will enjoy my frankness, sometimes slightly provocative but definitely benevolent. If you are seeking for an approach to shake your beliefs, boost your life and taking the commands of your own life but also boos your confidence and strenghen your emotional, mental and physical structure you are in the right place.

Meditate and visualize to get to know you better

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