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Drao Oracle – Drawing taught me the power of joy for my business



Have you ever felt a calling to create something without knowing why?

Well, I did, and a drawing changed my life and filled it with joy.

When I started drawing what would become the Drao Oracle Deck, I’d have never guessed the adventure I was stepping into. The only thing I knew was that I needed to create my deck of cards to navigate through the life shift I was experiencing.

At the time, I was in one of these life crossroads. Coming back home after 5 years of humanitarian missions abroad, I was struggling to find meaning in my life. My love life and my social life were almost nonexistent, and my job was the best excuse I could come up with to making sense of not having a life (not even a dream one, but one where I would at least feel alive).

The walls, the facades, the masks built to feel safe, look ok, or be socially accepted were slowly crumbling. Most people around me were not noticing it, as I had mastered the art of smiling, even when I was in pain. But I was collapsing from inside, feeling more lost every day.

As soon as I decided to get help, I started connecting with what would lead me to who I can be today: Myself.


With the support of a coach, a rapid psy therapy, and various energy healing modalities, I reconciled my mind, my emotions, and my body to finally meet me.

During that time, drawing helped me integrating learnings that emotions were revealing. Writing helped me understand what the brain was letting go of while drawing intuitively (in a meditation state).

🧚‍♀️ After a few drawings, I sensed that it would be a deck of 52 cards.

🧚‍♀️ After a few months, I realized that it could serve others as well.

🧚‍♀️ After 18 months, I took the challenge to self-publish, with the magic support of crowd-funders.

🧚‍♀️ After 3 years, over 650 deck of Drao Oracle reached over 150 cities (that I know of).

Click on the map to see how something you have fun doing can spread beyond your imagination?

If you feel a called to do something that brings joy into your life, then allow yourself to follow your inspiration as you never know where it will take you.


As I said, I had no clue how creating this oracle deck would open me up to become my own boss. Not even that, it would lead me to open an online school on how to create, share knowledge, and sell online courses or programs.

But allowing myself to explore a new technique (pastel chalk) and express emotions through drawings opened my doors to more positive emotions and experiences.

So, far from the usual goal setting and will of control, my story is an invitation to experiment and enjoy the present, as with today’s joy you may seed tomorrow’s wonders.

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What about trying to enjoy fun and joy?


So today, I invite you to observe what activities are bringing joy, relaxation or releif into your life or what would you like to try.

🦋 What could you allow yourself to explore or experiment?


And if you feel up to, comment below to share what makes you happy at the moment.

Have a wonderful day!


About the author

Christel Mesey

Online Course Creator’s Coach – Author & Course creator – CEO of

I’m helping coaches and therapists birth their online programs or courses with ease, helping them feel confident that they will offer a great learning experience to their learners.

I genuinely believe that online training is the future of education and personal growth. It opens the door to alternative ways of teaching beyond borders and cultures.

If you have wisdom and knowledge to share, I’d love to support you in the journey to share it with the world.

I’ll help you to expand your comprehension of online pedagogy and learning tools, using my experience of course creation and comprehensive understanding of online systems potential.

I’ll support you during the creation process through coaching, NLP, or even energy healing should you need to. These practices help me to understand and tune into your universe. They allow me to walk you comfortably through the process of offering your services online while feeling aligned with your heart and dedicated to your clients.