Personal gowth is evolving! Today, we have apps to learn how to meditate, others to help choosing reiki tunes or guiding us into mindfulness. Videos teaches us technics of self-care and bloggers challenge us into abundance, joy or gratitude journey amogst other.

In about 10 years, smartphones changed your way to access information. The online courses are part of this evolution.

If its changing our learning habbits, online courses and training industry is also a fast growing market. In 2017, this market even blasted the financial prevision by reaching 6 years earlier than expected the impressive amount of $255 bilions woth industry. (all type of courses included).

Demand for personal growth tools exploded

Between free content and paid content created by individuals, compagny or universities there is plenty to learn from.

However, if many chose free content through YouTube (for the moment), it’s super easy to get lost in the maze of the web. Finding the online course that we seek for is hard in this environment. This is why, many are chosing to pay for a specific service or content. They do that because they understand what they will get and because a course brings a structure or a process that is clearer and easier to integrate.

By widening possibility field, online courses offer training beyond borders.

Online courses offer the possibility to discover different approach, being cultural or technical.

You may have noticed that more and more people are open to energy work, consciousness and the importance of considering the body, mind and emotions in their life. Well, internet contributed to that. People could begin exploring discretly this universe before daring speaking about it openly. Communication fora emerged on social media helped people to understand that they were not crazy, and on top of that that they were not alone.

It’s the same with technics like Reiki and Feng Shui, amongst other dowzen of technics, that became accessible through a click. Motivational speaker could speak to larger audience and open up the door of awareness and self-questioning as well as self-empowerment.

A gate has been widely opened for coaches, healers and therapists through online courses.

Online courses offer many options to interract with people. Far from endanger workshops, or presential training, it is to be percieved as a possible extension of service.

For some, it will be a mean to expand their services, for others it will be an opportunity to rethink how the work.

Personally, having a international traveling clients and friends, I naturally integrated video-calls in my way to work, being it for coaching or distant healing. But at some point time difference was becoming problematic. Online courses and programs allowed me to remain accessible while keeping a balance life.

Being of service beyond time and space.

You do not need to have time differences to find people having difficulties to access your office hours. A client working in an hospital made me realize that there were many people working with different schedule, travelling or having to take care of their kids that could not attend workshops.

Online courses are a great way to serve these people and many others.

What about you? Did you ever imagine brining your workshops on the web?

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Christel Mesey

  • Online Course Creator’s Coach
  • Author & Course creator
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What do I want to share with the world?
Learning can be playfull!
Teaching can be fun!

What drove me in the online courses world?

Dyslexic, my fisrt step with learning was a challenge, or more a nightmare where I thought I was stupid and I my walk to school would be a simple giant knot growing painfully in my stomach.

And surprisignly, it was the best gift life could offer me. The one that offered me to learn differently and to see the world with an out of the box mindset. The day I understood that, my appetite for discovering and learn grew evenmore.

Online courses gave me an oppurtunity to learn beyond notion of time and space. Suddently, I could learn from someone in Canada, France or US without travelling. I could discover perspectives that expanded my universe as it was coming from other cultures or field of work.

But, it also offered me a way to learn that was adapted to my neuronal connexions. As a matter of fact, dyslexia made me deploy my visual, auditive and kynestetic learning intelligences. I would understand and integrate by listening while looking at concrete examples.

From consumer, I became online course creator. I grew a passion for this tool as I see it an amazing tool to expand awaness, the field of possibilities and raise global consciousness by leaving old patterns of education behind.

And you, what brings you here?