Autumn unloading

With the Autumn we enter in another type of sharing and transmitting. While Summer was light and joyful, Autumn is the time when we begin to sink in what other shared with us and thus they are integrating at a deeper level what we shared with them.

The vegetal world shows us the way with the tree letting go of the last fruits and seeds but also with their care by releasing their leaves to fertilize the soil as well as covering it with a layer of protection to protect its own roots from the cold to come. During this process, some seeds are carried away with the rain and wind, some find a spot to root close to its origin. Some seed will simply decide not to grow and feed the soil as well while others will dare a life even if the wind, the rain and the gardener could be a risk for them.

Through this image, the Autumn is inviting us to begin sorting out what we want to grow in our life and what we could let go of as it is not beneficial to our own growth. It also speaks of releasing the situations or even sometimes people that are draining our energy (like the leaves that are pumping the sap and weakening the tree). Here, we will observe what you are carrying for others; their worries, their responsibilities, their work. Then decide if we want to carry it further of if we give back to the other the responsibility of their life, work, well-being, growth. The empath for example could decide to focus a bit more on them and learn to say no to some requests, as saying “no, you are the one that needs to help yourself” is also an act of love.

As you see, Autumn is a time for sorting out what is to stay and what is to let go of your life. You can even extend it to your living or working place by decluttering and letting go of item that are not of use. Energetically, these objects take space and sometimes even drag you to a past you may want to let go of. Letting go of these objects is a way to let go of the past.


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