Summer is a season of sharing. Some may think that Xmas was there for that but when we observe mother Nature, Summer is the time when both the vegetal and the animal world collide to keep on the cycle of life. While bees and other insects collecting flowers nectar to live and prosper, they also are the carriers of pollination that will, at the end of the season, allow other plants to grow. It shows us that co-creation is important and that we cannot work alone. We need others that are different than us for bringing up life. In addition, we need to share our talent as they could serve others.

Summer is also the season of the sun, the moment where it shines the most. Thus, people are enjoying its warmth and presence. The sun does not show of or pretend, it simply is and by being it bring joy to others. Some will hide from it and other will simply adore it. Same goes with a human shining its light (being him/herself).

And you what would you like to share or co-create?

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