Spring blossoming

 Nature was waiting patiently all winter long and with the first warmer sunny days, it simply explodes in colours. Leaves are showing up on each tree branches, flowers are popping from the ground and animals are coming out of their nest. At human level, moods are lifted up and people are keen to go out, enjoy the sun and get some fresh air again.

As you are getting out of the winter lethargy, life flows in your veins and invites you to stand up, move, discover, connect with the nature…

It is a moment where we are ready to explore, to discover and to come out of ourselves. I would even say to reveal yourself, through lighter clothes may be but not only. You are then ready for socialize more, meet new people. You are ready to seduce and engage, being it in your love life or in other areas.

If you have some projects, it is a great time for the first sounding board and beginning to share it with friends and family and then may be even investors. It will help you to get clarity and root your projects event deeper. But clarity will not only come with your projects, as you took somehow a step back during winter by focusing a bit more on you and your cocoon, you indirectly took some distance with other things and distance can be a great eye opener as emotions are less triggered.

It is also the time to dare going out of your comfort zone (the Earth cocoon) and show who you are.

Ready to blossom?

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