Today we will start the journey by taking a look back at the past 12 months to discover the journey you did in your own life.

Each year has its struggles, its challenges. When asking people, quite often we hear: « This year was hard/terrible/the worst, I hope next year will be better » 😱. You may even have the same answer. But all was not solely darkness. Even in the midst of the storm there is a shred of light 🌟. So, what about digging for these lights🧐?

Why? Do you wonder…
Well, to set your neuronal system on the right program for next year! 🥳

By finding all the opportunities you took on, the resources you grew, the skills you developed, the little victories you had will change your inner compass.

And let’s be frank, when is it the last time you look at your year to see how well you did and how great you are? You have some doubts about being amazing 😍? Then that is exactly why you NEED to do this.

And don’t think that all needs to be rosy to find positivity!
But you will soon see that it is a good feeling to see how you managed to deploy your talent, your courage, your skills; how you overcame some difficulties and how you grew.
You may even be growing your self-esteem along the way! 🤩

Ready to get started?
Then download the PDF and dive in
The journey will take you at least 30 min and if you can save a time for yourself of 1h that would be even more amazing as reading yourself, you may find a lot to integrate and celebrate.

Enjoy the process