Hi there! Let me introduce myself…

As many coaches and therapists, my career has many lives. A few years ago, I opened my practice of NLP coaching and healing, at the same time I was publishing my first personal growth tool: Drao Oracle deck.

I always loved sharing and transmitting knowledge as well as what freed or healed me. During my 13 years in the humanitarian field, I grew my love for teaching while training more than 500 people on computer skills and supported them in change management.

But it took me a while to realize that teaching is one of my life missions, even if the words “that would be good for a school” were popping in my head while looking for a place for my office. I would then push the thought away wondering “what the heck”? Even if I had become a certified trainer a few years earlier.

It’s fun how we can be blind to our obvious nature sometimes. I learned out of curiosity and motivated by my desire to share my knowledge with my colleagues. Making a living of it was not on my radar… yet.

Shortly after, I built my first online course, without knowing, the school was gestating. While my first clients were super happy, something in me got stuck into the selling process. Then I got it… I realized that even if the content was good, it was not what I was supposed to share at this point in my life.

It shook me, really hard. I felt lost for few months, but at the same time, I started to observe what people were coming to me for and suddenly it hit me: supporting people with project, motivating, bringing my computer savvy expertise to allow them to blossom.

I created this online training and coaching program dedicated to coaches, therapist and healers. A space where your language will be understood and where you will learn how to create your online courses, online workshop, and training in alignment with who you are.

So, jump on a call, and bring your own course to the world!

See you soon,


Learning playfully is the best way that I can see to integrate new knowledge or competencies.

What do I want to share with the world?

Learning can be playfull!

Teaching can be fun!

Dyslexic, my first step with learning was a challenge or more a nightmare where I thought I was stupid and my walk to school would be a simple giant knot growing painfully in my stomach.

And surprisingly, it was the best gift life could offer me. The one that offered me to learn differently and to see the world with an out of the box mindset.

The day I understood this my appetite for discovering and learning grew even more.
Online courses allowed me to learn beyond the notion of time and space. Suddenly, I could learn from someone in Canada, France or the US without traveling. I could discover perspectives that expanded my universe as it was coming from other cultures or field of work.

But, it also offered me a way to learn that was adapted to my neuronal connexions. Dyslexia made me deploy my visual, auditive and kinesthetic learning intelligences. I would understand and integrate by listening while looking at concrete examples. It is by the way through TV series that I expanded my vocabulary in English as words were illustrated by the plot and conveyed with the characters emotions (yes actors are teachers in a way).

Online training uses a lot of the entertainment code to share messages. Thanks to the you tubers who open the door to new ways of sharing knowledge that were far from the amphitheater and close to a true connection to emotions and knowledge.

From consumer, I became an online course creator. I grew a passion for this tool as I see it as the best tool to expand awareness, the field of possibilities and raise global consciousness by leaving old patterns of education behind.
And you, what brings you here?