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What if CREATING your online course could be as FUN and


You know WHAT it will be about but aren’t quite sure HOW TO DELIVER IT? OR maybe you have a few DIFFERENT IDEAS that you’re excited about, but you’re not sure WHERE TO START?

I feel you! When creating my first online programs, I felt OVERWHELMED. I was super enthusiastic about my project, but also facing a mountain of newness. I thought my main issue would be to select the right platform and recording video content as I never did that before, but there was more.

The information about online courses felt so misaligned with my desire to share something that helped me with others. It was speaking about people like numbers throwing words such as prospects, funnel, and outcomes as the only way to sell.

Have you ever had a client asking, “what you can do form me exactly?”

If yes, you probably explained that the journey is different from one client to another or mentioned that a technique could help in one situation or pain but that the full transformational or healing process was unique to each individual.

How to explain that on a sales page? Yet, it is possible.

But before even thinking about selling, CLARITY will serve you as it is the FOUNDATION of the JOURNEY you will create. It will define how you HOLD SPACE for your participants and influence your choices of platform or tools.

I genuinely BELIEVE that online training is THE FUTURE OF education and PERSONAL GROWTH and HEALING JOURNEY. I also think that the more people will feel peace and compassion for themselves and others, the more our world will be at peace.

If you have an idea to bring it to life, then support your expansion process by having someone on your side who has been there and knows how to make it way more accessible than it looks.

My connection is both SPIRITUAL AND TECHNICAL, I’ll help you to expand your comprehension of online pedagogy and learning tools, using my experience and comprehensive understanding of online systems potential.

My mission is to support you from conception to BIRTH of YOUR ONLINE PROGRAM and ensure it is ALIGNED WITH YOU. I’ll also suggest the STEPS to take from its creation to the promotion being it for you or your program.


Wanna enjoy a free coaching call?

What about enjoying a
1h one on one free coaching session to:

  • Know where to start
  • See how to mover forward?
  • or Clarifying your idea?

I’d love to discover your project!

I knew I wanted to share my passion, and, as an online start-up trainer, I felt very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to dive head first.

Christel understood me from the beginning and knew how to support me. Her creative expertise assets helped me step by step in my new online journey.

Stop trying starting on your own, call Christel.

Annie Lebrun

Annie Lebrun Body-Matrix Specialist

What if your learning curve could show rapid results and rewards?

BY THE END OF YOUR COLLABORATION, you will have INTEGRATED all the PEDAGOGY, TECHNICAL or PRACTICAL INFORMATION  you need to create and promote your online courses or programs. You will OWN YOUR STYLE TO OWN SPACE and share.

You will also have IMPLEMENTED what you learned and


When diving into the idea of creating an online course, we often think about the content, the interaction with the participants, and the cashflow. But we tend to forget that teaching online will likely be something new to us.

As a tech-savvy coach and certified trainer passionate about online teaching, my aim is to help you navigate this completely new terrain with as little stress as possible. From identifying your clients to structuring your content and selling your program, I’ll support your creative process. 

The journey we will take will help you to create a course you can be proud of. But most importantly that your participants will love.

When I connected with Christel late last year, I thought we would have something to do together without knowing what exactly. When I learned that my children could not go to school anymore because of the confinement, I told myself that it was time to change something in my way of working and that I was ready to leap! 

Christel appeared to me as the person who could accompany me to make this change. 

Being a well-equipped coach myself, I had never felt the need to be coached! But Christel is multipotential with skills that I don’t have, and that’s what I liked! But she also had similarities and complementarity. 

I wanted her to help me think about my company’s strategy and how to put things in place in technical and marketing terms (IT tools, course platforms, social networks, etc.)

The word that came to me when I first spoke to her was “Doula”. She’s a doula that follows, accompanies the gestation of a project, childbirth, and post-childbirth if I can afford this metaphor.

During two intense months of work creating my online offers, she was always present and supportive. Her openness, simplicity, humility, and benevolence, were complemented by a generosity I had not often experienced.

She is attentive to our natural rhythm so that transformation happens without loss of energy.

Christel has a finesse of understanding, a rare intelligence, and intuition.

She will propose directions and concrete solutions, without imposing, that correspond precisely to what we need at that time.

If like me, you want support for your reflection, and actual implementation of an online program, by a supportive, human and honest person, who has a vision of marketing from the heart, I recommend Christel Mesey without any restrictions !!!

I thank the universe for making us meet and co-create together. And I know this is just the beginning of the adventure! 😉

Wenna L

Working with Christel has been an incredible adventure! She guides you through your fears with such mastery and lightness and highlights things you could not see on yourself.

I always felt amazing support, the kind understanding and she makes this work feel easy and like a game!

I am really happy and grateful to work with such a brilliant, funny, and incredible mind!

Rosa Brissos

Christel is a confident authentic person that knows a lot about online courses creation and also marketing. She is very willing to share her knowledge and in one hour with her I have learned a lot of great tips for my business.

Thank you Christel!

Natasha Yanovych

Mindfulness coach

Wanna enjoy a free coaching call?

What about enjoying a 1h one on one free coaching session to:

Know where to start

See how to mover forward from where you are at

or Clarifying your idea?

I’d love to discover your project!