Coach, Healer & Therapist

Create an online program aligned with you

You want to create your online course but wonder

  • Where to begin?

  • How to structure your content or your message?

  • How to sell online in alignment with your values?

  • What are the available tools you can use to ease your life?


You are in the right place! Welcome!

A training adapting to You

Your project is unique and so are you. While the process of creation of an online course has some parts that will be valid for all, others are very specific to you. Your personality and vision are at the core of what you will bring up to the world.

A tailor-made approach, respecting your vision, your rhythm, your values, and your being will enable you to bring your calling for a course creation into the material world in full alignment with who you are. The program that I offer you will help you to: 


  • Clarify your online course project and objective
  • Master your creation and launching stages
  • Discover the tools and format available to support your online course
  • Integrate good practices of online pedagogy
  • Align your communication to your being
  • Gain in confidence to sell your online course

When training and coaching unite 

Being a coach, therapist or healer, your journey is unique. Many of you had another career before embracing serving others.

What brings you here is your will to share and transmit what you integrated during your journey, being it a technique, a mindset change or a method.

Taking account of your uniqueness, your universe, and your needs, I created a learning platform where training is paired with individual coaching sessions to support you while building your online courses and presence.

My journey as a coach, NLP therapist, healer and oracle deck creator allows me to connect with your universe and understand your needs and what you are speaking about. But my other life as an information management advisor, certified trainer and online course creators will also provide you a grounded approach when it comes to bring your project to life.

What better way to be supported to create an online course or program aligned to your vibration and being?