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What if CREATING your online course could be as FUN and


Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to creating your online program?

Have you figured out WHAT you want to create but aren’t quite sure WHERE to host your course or HOW to deliver it? Or maybe you have a few different IDEAS that you’re really excited about but you’re not sure which ONE to start with?

So did I when I started!

I woke up one day super enthusiastic with this inspiration of creating a course, and suddenly I was facing what appeared to be a mountain. Selecting THE idea, finding the tools to make it available online, creating powerful content, and then having to promote it… everthing was new to me. 

Oh my, don’t even get me started around the resistance I felt around selling. After all, I’m an NLP coach and healer, not a product pusher. I just wanted to put my course online and trust that the people that needed it would find it!

Does this sound familiar to you?

To move forward, I went back to my core to find my voice, my style and to tune in with what I was meant to offer rather than thinking about what everyone ELSE was offering or even everything I COULD offer. From that moment on, it became way easier.

If you have a calling to share a healing process, a mindset shift, or a personal growth journey, then offer yourself the time and means to learn and create stressfree.

Taking your online course creation one step at a time will make it way easier than you thought it would be. I know this first hand. 

Today, my mission is to help you reach a feeling of ease and flow in your creation process by sharing with you my one-step-at-a-time methode.

Wanna enjoy a free coaching call?

What about enjoying a
1h one on one free coaching session to:

  • Know where to start
  • See how to mover forward?
  • or Clarifying your idea?

I’d love to discover your project!

I knew I wanted to share my passion, and, as an online start-up trainer, I felt very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to dive head first.

Christel understood me from the beginning and knew how to support me. Her creative expertise assets helped me step by step in my new online journey.

Stop trying starting on your own, call Christel.

Annie Lebrun

Annie Lebrun Body-Matrix Specialist

What if your learning curve could show rapid results and rewards?

When diving into the idea of creating an online course, we often think about the content, the interaction with the participants, and the cashflow. But we tend to forget that teaching online will likely be something new to us.

As a tech-savvy coach and certified trainer passionate about online teaching, my aim is to help you navigate this completely new terrain with as little stress as possible. From identifying your clients to structuring your content and selling your program, I’ll support your creation process. 

During our one-on-one sessions coaching sessions you will gain clarity on the actions to take, be encouraged and supported when you feel blocked. Should you need I’ll help you on tech issues understanding.

Your personal work will be supported by online modules with information and workbooks that will help you to put on paper (or on screen) your ideas through an organised path. It is made so that you can experience the “Wow My course is done!? I didn’t even realize it!” by the end of this program.

The journey we will take will help you to create a course you can be proud of. But most importantly that your participants will love.

By the end of the coaching program, you will have learned:

How to build a robust curriculum and create the necessary content

Learn how to create a course that is engaging and stimulating for your students. Discover the different techniques, videos, texts, workbooks or even games that can help you build a unique experience for your students – one where they feel cared for without draining your energy.

The tools that can support your online program

From choosing your platform to finding the right tools to promote, create engagement and interact with your student or future clients, you will  learn about tools and applications that can support you.

How to empower their learning process

Discover how you can keep your students motivated. By creating a successful learning experience for your students’ learning curve, you will empower their motivation to stay engaged until the end of your program.

How to sell your program from your heart

You are a coach or therapist and don’t see yourself as a product pusher? Then you will love diving into the art of serving with grace to sell naturally. From day to day communication about your activity to launching your program, you will learn what you can implement feeling true to your values.

And most importantly, you will have created and launched your first online program!

Working with Christel has been and incredible adventure! She guides you through your fears with such mastery and lightness and highlight things you could not see on yourself.

I always felt the amazing support, the kind understanding and she makes this work feel easy and like a game!

I am really happy and grateful to work with such a brilliant, funny and incredible mind!

Rosa Brissos

Wanna enjoy a free coaching call?

What about enjoying a 1h one on one free coaching session to:

Know where to start

See how to mover forward from where you are at

or Clarifying your idea?

I’d love to discover your project!

Christel is a confident authentic person that knows a lot about online courses creation and also marketing. She is very willing to share her knowledge and in one hour with her I have learned a lot of great tips for my business.

Thank you Christel!

Natasha Yanovych

Mindfulness coach