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Christel Mesey

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Using joy as a compass is the best way to find my North.

I can say first hand that creating a Signature Program or an Online Course is a crazy adventure. It can feel super complicated, filled with techy stuff and question marks.

After months of learning by myself how to create my first course, followed by a second and a third, I learned a lot.

As a former information management adviser and artist, diving into the techy side was pretty exciting. I compared what worked or not for me, explored how I could bring my personal touch in the designs.

Then I had to get out of my comfort zone…

It kind of started with a “Me on a screen? No way!” which was also followed by “Me doing marketing? Are you kidding?”

Does one or both of these statements resonate with you?

Or maybe for you, the video feels easy, but the techy stuff not that much?

Well, that’s the magic of creating a Signature Program or a Course. We are so committed to sharing our message or method that we will do this extra-miles that takes us out of our comfort zone. 

And you know what, once the chili moment surpassed, it is a load of fun. 

Videos became an additional source of expression and transmission and marketing a playground for my creativity. I realized how much I loved writing, and the entire journey even got me closer to who I am than ever before.

If you feel excited by this amazing adventure of Signature Program or Online Course creation, then follow your joy and book a discovery call!