Expand your being – Personal Development

Connect with intuition, explore your needs, decode the guidance of your emotions, and better understand yourself to own your life.

To support your personal development and expansion, I am sharing with you channeled guidance or tools I developed for my expansion and my quest to live a purposeful, aligned, and, most importantly exciting and joyful life.

Light Code for Personal Expansion

Light Code & Drum
One on One

Light Code for Personal Expansion

Your Light Code

Healing with Light Language

Montly Light Codes

Oracles decks for personal development


Personal development and energy expansion are a lifestyle.

You can’t unknow what you learned, and more often than not, you want to learn more.

For many of us, it all started with a desire to feel better, to understand why we are how we are or why this life. For me, it was all of the above and soon followed by a thirst to share the tools that positively changed my life.

The tools I create and the individual sessions are here to support your personal growth and energy expansion.

However, whatever the tools you choose, you will have to be willing to actively participate in your expansion process. Healing and growing require participation and willingness to move out of the self-shaming, blaming, and victim mindset. That is how you can create the change within you and expand to the next level of your life.

Each individual is multi-dimensional.

It shows up with the variety of skills, interests, and experiences you have and the fact that you are a body-mind-emotion being experiencing life.

But there is more…You are connected to your soul, its different experiences and existences, and your family and ancestors‘ legacy, whether you like it or not.

Your journey in this existence is to reconnect to your essence, not a life mission, not a life purpose—because there are many mini-missions over a lifetime, and your very existence has a purpose, whether you see it or not. Connecting to your essence is touching what you are meant to vibrate in life, allowing yourself to express and, most importantly, to be you.

Light Language & Earth instruments Individual Session

Let’s dive during a 60 minutes session into what your Soul and the Universe want to help you activating. After setting your your intentions and the spectrum of what you want to work on, I will take you on a Light Language and Earth Instruments journey. Some channelling may come through during the session to voice messages for your expansion.

Duration: 60 min
Place: on Zoom
Price: 150 €


You will get the possibility to have the recording of the session for your own consumption as it is after all an individual session tailor made around your energy and needs.

Your Light Code Signature Illustration and Healing

When art blend with healing and chanelling. This Light Code Signature is a drawing made during one or two sessions where we will enter both into meditative state, with or without light language (from me, from you or both). I will tune in with your energy to let emerge an image. The image will evolve during or between the two sessions as the codes are activating within you.

Duration: to be determined
Place: on Zoom
Price: 555 €


As it is an imersive process, I want to be able to speak with you before we decide to work together. This will ensure that we are a right match to work together and allow us to be clear on your expectations and how we will work together as well as what you can do with the image after its creation.

The Light Language & Earth Instruments Sessions are a potent conduit to help you connect with your essence beyond the intellect. It clears out energies no longer needed in your field. It helps recollect your energy and unveil the gifts stored in you to expand fully to your potential.

The Light Code Signature Illustration & Healing will help you to have a visual expression of your journey, existence, and multi-dimensionality. It allows you to see and celebrate what you already embody today and what is currently emerging. At the same time, it will help you activate or liberate what you need for your expansion.

Note that I work with a limited number of people per month to ensure I always have the right energy for each of you.

Therefore, you might have to be patient when booking your appointment. However, you can always leave a comment so I can connect with you if a spot gets available.

The making-of a Light Code Signature

Delphine offers potent Rituals & Sound healings, it was a pleasure to work with her on this beautiful expression of the diversity of the Universe she has to offer. Discover Delphine

These sessions are for you if:

  • You are open to unconventional methods.
  • You feel ready to feel and connect with your heart.
  • You are ready to participate and observe yourself beyond the session.
  • You are ready to let go of the blaming and shaming that may prevent your expansion.

    These sessions are NOT for you if:

    • You want to understand everything with your intellect.
    • You want to control the process of your healing and expansion.


    Christel’s light codes and guidance transmissions have helped me tremendously in my journey.

    Her channeling cuts through the layers of the mind and energetic blockages with so much warmth, love, and cheekiness.

    She holds a very safe and grounded space, and I always feel welcome to share the most vulnerable parts of myself and let myself be held in the bubble she creates.

    She is my go-to person whenever I feel stuck and can’t seem to find the way out on my own. Thank you, Christel, for all the beauty and wisdom you share with the world!

    – Delphine Blanc –

    Working with Christel has been and incredible adventure!

    Every single time we worked, I found deeper and deeper layers and got incredible a-ha moments.

    She guides you through your fears with such mastery and lightness and highlights things you could not see in yourself.

    I always felt amazing support, the kind understanding, and she makes this deep, hard work feel easy and like a game!

    – Rosa Brissos – 

    Support your Soul’s journey with potent Light Code Activations

    Each month, receive a Light Code, and Light Language channeled message to help you activate your inner medicine and expand your reflection and expansion.


    The art of play is one of the most magical tools to expand. Going beyond self-judgment, self-shaming, or victimization to look at yourself truthfully is key to growth.

    Here you will find the paper or digital versions of the oracles I had the honor to channel.

    Let the animal wisdom support your personal development

    When animal wisdom comes to support your personal development with playfulness, it creates a beautiful 33 deck of cards with a paper version and an online immersive experience.

    Be playful with your Personal Development while being gently supported

    An oracle Deck to inspire your personal development and reflection in times of crossroads to help you grow your self-trust and intuition through 52 cards, available in paper version or online.

    I want to sneak a peak to one of the deck first…

    Zoikos Oracle - Animal Wisdom for Personal Development

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