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CREATE a WEBSITE that speaks to your future CLIENTS

Concentrating on what you do best is often the fastest way to actually serve your clients.

Let’s face it, nowadays, it is super easy to hop on WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, or any other provider and find ready-made templates to create your website.

While it may sound super cool and seems that you could save money by doing everything yourself, there are some pitfalls too:

  • You will need time to learn how to use these programs.
  • You may not have design expertise (even if you have good taste).
  • You likely don’t know the tools and coding that could make the difference to ease your life or the visual aspect of your website.

As a result, you will spend hours learning an art that is not yours rather than actually serving your clients and doing what you love most.

Web Design and Content Creation Coaching

What if you could delegate the design aspect of your website to someone using her creativity, intuition, and know-how to create a website that looks and feels like you and is true to your value and services?

Wouldn’t it save you a lot of time and effort? Because truthfully, the real challenge of creating your website for you will be to come up with its content! And that is already quite an adventure!

  • What to say?
  • How to catch visitors’ attention fast and keep it?
  • How do I help visitors to find the information they need or seek?
  • How to use my website as a filter to attract the clients I can help best?
  • How could my website express who I am so that people resonating with my technique know I am the right person for them?

Well, that is where my web designer and business doula skills will serve you!

When working together, I will take care of coming up with the right design for you, AND I will help you learn the art of writing or recording content that speaks to your audience.

And as examples are better long speeches, let me show you what my clients loved and how we worked together.

How about simply chatting together to see if we are the right fit?

The word that came to me when I first spoke to her was “Doula.” She accompanies the gestation of a project, childbirth, and post-childbirth. If you want support for your reflection and actual implementation of an online program by a supportive, human and honest person, who has a vision of heart-centered marketing, I recommend Christel.

Wenna L

How can I describe working with Christel? She has a down-to-earth talent for pragmatically transmitting knowledge. I knew I wanted to share my passion, and, as an online start-up trainer, I felt very overwhelmed and didn’t know where to dive headfirst. Christel understood me from the beginning and knew how to support me. Her creative expertise assets helped me step by step in my new online journey. Stop trying starting on your own, call Christel.

Annie Lebrun - Body Matrix Specialist