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When creativity and consciousness merge to support

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Business Doula – Webdesign – Branding

To build and then expand your business and make it sustainable, one often has to deconstruct limiting beliefs and fears and build confidence and legitimacy muscle. You also will want to find your voice and your style when it comes to speaking about what you propose. Yet you don’t have to do it alone!

Business Doula



Website Content Challenge

Growing a business or a project takes guts, but you don’t have to face everything alone!

As a serial creator of both digital services and products and physical products, I had to learn quite a lot about what it takes to create your online practice, online courses, subscription program, or online shop.

It was quite a learning curve; at the time, it was still a fresh industry as the internet is fairly young. While I may appear as a dinosaur to some people, others like me remember discovering the Internet at the same time they were reaching the majority.

Needless to say that the tools available and the technique to open an online business have changed a lot since then (thank G.!)

But many of my clients still used to think they had to learn, do and experience everything alone! Oh my, people like me had the honor of trying, failing, and finally getting it way before you arrived! So, please stop thinking it is needed anymore and just use us to speed your process and reach the next lever: concentrating on what you actually want to create!

I am here to support you if you want to:

  • Create your Website and trust it is clear, potent and speaks to your future clients.
  • Find your Branding (or visual identity) and feel happy to show yourself and our offer.
  • Clarify your offer and make sure that feel fully legitimate when talking about it.
  • Write your sales page so you can feel confident and happy to share.
  • Find a healthy balance between doing and being.
  • Release limiting beliefs, blockages, or stuck energies preventing you from achieving your goals.

I’ll guide you and sometimes teach you techniques so that you can find your path to success. I say your own because you have your vibration and essence, which are important to your success.

My approach is to empower you by giving you tools and resources and sharing know-how while you are working too.

To do so, I use the excuse of the chakras as they are a beautiful blueprint that will help you to find what can prevent you from moving forward and grow and clear your energy while learning practical tools.

Business Chakra Blueprint

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Sometimes all you need is pointers so that you can find the path to your success!

Zen and Thriving Practice


While I create a design aligned with your style, value, and services, I will take you along a journey where you will learn to find your voice and style when it comes to talking about your services.

Christel Mesey - Website Content and web design

Concentrate on talking about your services while I create a site look matching your vibration.

Have a website that looks and feels like you and is true to your services; that is what I will help you do by creating a potent design and help you with the copywriting.


While there are many tools to help you do it on your own, some graphic design tips can help you have THE logo or visual identity that matches your vibration and looks clear and inviting to your people. How about set the roots (and templates) of your branding?

Graphic Design and Image are ways to speak about you and what you do.

With my graphic design background and extensive knowledge of tools available, I will support you in finding your visual identity.

Let's be real here, if you are a person of service or have your online shop and if you are the representative of your business, it is important that your branding looks like you. Not like the most successful person in your field, not like your the person you admire, no like YOU!

And if many tools can help you to create your branding, finding what will be unique to you is not always easy. In addition, some tips and tricks will help you ensure that your information remains clear and understandable for your clients, and I will help you make the most of it.

I am here to support you if you want to:

  • Create your visual identity or branding.
  • Create templates that you can later adapt and be creative with.
  • Get the basics of graphic design to avoid the faux-pas that will push away your audience.
  • Find easy-to-use tools to help you be spontaneous in your communication and yet always on brand.

 Curious about what we could co-create that would represent you?

Website Content Challenge

SELF-STUDY Program of 21 days to help you understand what to say and how much to speak to the clients you are meant to serve.

Use a roadmap to guide your website content creation and ensure you are speaking to your future clients.

Ensure that you are using the right words, and provide the right information so that the people that need you can know how you can serve them.