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You had a vision for an online course or even a series of courses but the excitement you initially felt turned into the big questions of HOW TO START?

I feel you, when creating my first online course, I felt a lot of CONFUSION. I was super enthusiastic about my project, but suddenly, I was facing a mountain of newness. I thought my main issue would be to SELECT THE RIGHT TEACHING PLATFORM and recording video content as I never did that before, but I soon discovered that my journey was brought to light some shadow or self-sabotage you may meet too on your journey such as:

  • Focusing your creativity on bringing your online course to life and spotting when your perfectionism or creativity is hiding a resistance or fears.
  • Getting clarity about your business model so that the empath in you feels excited to hold space for others knowing that you will still have enough energy to enjoy the rest of your life and that your boundaries are safe.
  • Freeing yourself from the “have to” or “should” you created around what an online course is supposed to look like or work and allowing you to create a safe and empowering space for your participants.
  • Reducing the overwhelm of the numerous things to happen to create, sell and host your program by taking it one step at a time, respecting your rhythm, your needs for integration, gestation, and expansion.
  • Debunking the “myths and legends” around what is an online presence and how much time you want to dedicate to it so that you can show up and be the spokesperson for the wisdom you have to share with more ease (even if you fear it for now).
Online Course Creators Chakra Blueprint Mentoring and Training
Online Course Creator Chakra Blueprint by Christel Mesey

Marketing? Oh my! I’m a healer, author, teacher but not a salesperson!

Something I noticed about online course creators stunned me; be it myself or my clients; we all seemed to expect to be able to create an online course and to sell it in no time (without ever having any prior experience with what it actually takes to make it happen, let alone how to market ANYTHING to ANYONE successfully).

I mean, would you expect someone to bake a perfect cake on their first attempt with no recipe or guidance and no idea of how an oven even works?

Of course not!

And yet, there seems to be an expectation among heart-centered coaches and healers that just because we know how to coach and heal our clients, we should ALSO magically know how to create an online course AND that it will naturally sell. Yet, most of us will encounter some resistance along the process so if you experience any, know that it is ok and that you are not alone experiencing this. Therefore, you should not shame or blame yourself nor should you believe that you are not good enough. You want to be compassionate and accept the learning curve that comes with creating your online course and learning how to market it.

As a result of my resistance toward marketing, my first online course was a failure sales-wise but a great kick in the b* to face my fear of being seen, my discomfort around money, misbeliefs around social media, and much more. What I learned from that experience is that there were many stories and beliefs running in my head that needed upgrading.

The first one being: you can sell your online course ethically!

And you can even feel good about it, knowing that you are bringing value to people (yet it does not mean that you will have to spend hours creating content).

How could the Online Course Creator Chakra Blueprint Mentoring program support you?

  • You get PRACTICAL TOOLS to help you create the online course that will empower, heal and/or support your participants’ growth.
  • You will GET CLEAR on the best BUSINESS MODEL to create to respect your needs, time, and energy while creating a safe and conducive space for your participants.
  • You will get personalized guidance about WHAT STEPS TO TAKE always focusing on where your energy would be best used respecting your rhythm and creation process.
  • You will LEARN how TO MANAGE and PROMOTE a heart-centered online business and generate an income while respecting your values.
  • You have a BUSINESS DOULA and TECHY WITCH on your side, whose mission is to support you in delivering a powerful online course that respects your internal RHYTHM, your values, and your needs. I will help you CLEAR BLOCAGES through dialogue, energy work, transgenerational, karmic, or light code healing. And, on the tech side, I will guide you to find the TECH TOOLS that will make your vision blossom, support your work and be smart when it comes to investing in program licenses respecting your tech level, your finances, and your vision.

By the end of our collaboration, you will have INTEGRATED all the PEDAGOGY, TECHNICAL or PRACTICAL INFORMATION you need to create and promote your online course or program. You will OWN YOUR STYLE and OWN YOUR SPACE and FEEL CONFIDENT, MOTIVATED, and JOYFUL to communicate about your offers.


You will also have IMPLEMENTED what you learned and RELEASED YOUR FIRST ONLINE COURSE.

Online Course Creator Chakra Blueprint by Christel Mesey


Like many coaches and healers, I first thought I had to create my program and figure out how to make it happen all by myself. After all, others figured it on their own, so should I! Well, that was a funny assumption, if some did manage to build their program on their own, many had coaches, took dozens of online courses, watched countless tutorials.

And guess what, learning all that, and finding good sources of information took me a lot of time. So, what about fast-tracking your process by having someone who can guide you every step of the way?

You can have someone to bounce questions and doubts with, as well as the swirl of emotions that comes with the creation of a business.

Within a 60 min complimentary session, we will explore your project and you will be clear about what is the next step you want to take for your online course to take shape.