My name is Christel Mesey
Spiritual & Digital

Coach, Healer, Author, Intuitive Artist, Light Code Channel,
NLP Master Practitioner & Online Shop owner

If anyone had told me that I would be teaching and coaching about Online Course Creation and Online Presence combined with lightwork when I was 18, I would have laughed pretty hard.

At that time, the Internet became public; it was slow as f* and seriously, what is this web stuff anyway? Despite not fully understanding it, I felt a potential and was disappointed that my Art School didn’t offer web design courses.

Have you ever felt something calling you, but as you didn’t have the words or people around you to show you how you dismissed the calling?

You might experience it right now with a calling to create a Signature Program or opening your practice. But as no one in your network can guide you, you hesitate.

That’s a frequent trap that made me ignore this calling and stick with my right brain by choosing to embark on a secretarial job.

Even bumpy roads lead to your purpose.

Maybe you also had another career before doing what you do, or perhaps you are doing your first transition to something else. Maybe your former job and your new one are so different that you struggle to find how they connect.

My geek learning journey was so varied that even Linkedin algorithms get confused when suggesting a job. From a secretariat, I transition to human worker and then information management advisor. In my spare time, I was still hooked on the web (learning web design just for fun). I learned how to use collaborative space and learning platforms.

And every road leads to Rome, and every path will teach you what you need to do what you are here for.

My life made a 180° shift in my mid-thirties when burnout propelled me into a massive awakening. At first, I was curious about card readings, then energy healing and stone therapy. And once I got my Neuro-linguistic Master Practitioner degree, I felt it was time to change my career.

Sometimes you feel so lost when stepping out of your comfort zone.

I learned to meditate, and I started channeling through drawings which gave me a gift of creation, despite the awkwardness of this new experience, with the honor of giving birth to the Drao Orale Deck.

I felt lost, and, at times, I wondered if I was losing my marbles, especially when I started speaking languages I didn’t know. About a year later, I learned about light language and that many people were experiencing it too (so either we were collectively crazy or something was coming through).

But the clearer you get on what you want to do and most importantly when you let your ego serve your soul purpose instead of trying to control things, the more confidence and trust you have toward your future.

From the moment I started my NLP Coaching and energy practice, my intuition kept calling me back to the web through distant healing, mastermind groups, and even online shop to sell my art.

One day the dots of my life connected. I saw how the ancient wisdom of the chakras was so connected to the art of setting solid foundations for your business and having a global approach to heal and shift your fears, wounds, and beliefs. 

When I finally understood that I could BE SPIRITUAL & DIGITAL, and integrate all aspects of me in one job, it felt so freeing! I could finally be me on every level of my life.

Today, it is my mission to help you to use you JOY as a compass to bring your projects, online course or signature program to life without feeling like you have to dismiss a part of yourself, hustle, or twist your values and:

  • Identify your silver thread to connect and embody the connection between your services online and offline.
  • Discover you know more than you thought to create your program.
  • Connect better with your future clients.
  • Unleash your uniqueness

Even more, that JOY is a powerful activator to bring really powerful teachings and projects into the world!!! 

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