Business Growth is about staying true to your essence while building and holding space for your business beyond marketing myths to create real connections with the clients you can support best.

Find the right balance between being and doing.

Building and holding space for a BUSINESS takes guts and ENERGY! But it is also EXCITING and REWARDING! However, you will have to find the right balance between DOING & BEING if you want to see it TAKE SHAPE and MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE.

If you are anything like me, when you started your ONLINE SHOP, your ONLINE COURSE, or PRACTICE, you never imagined that business growth would take you on a self-discovery and EMPOWERMENT journey.

From daring to BE SEEN to getting rid of the imposter syndrome of your early business days, creating your business is quite a LEARNING CURVE. So much so that some of you might still be STUCK in the STARTING BLOCKS, not sure where to begin.

The truth is, you might have a VISION of where you are going, but all the little steps to get there may feel quite overwhelming! And if your guides get in the mix like me, you might feel anxious about how to deliver what they suggest, even if you are excited about it. What if you fail? What if you don’t have the shoulder for it? How to create something that big?

Well, whether it is your INTUITION, your inner voice, or your guides who inspired you, if you got this idea, it is because the Universe trusts you to make something out of it. It does not care how long it will take you. It does not care if it changes with time. It cares that you don’t let fear get in your way.

So take a leap! And while doing so, give yourself the room to not define yourself through your financial success or popularity but through your “entrepreneurial muscle growth”: confidence, resilience, opportunities, intuition, joy, healthy rhythm, and flow…

One step at a time on your BUSINESS GROWTH journey, you will:

  • LEARN the techniques and modalities to PROMOTE your business and find the ones that FIT YOUR VALUES.
  • gain CLARITY about your offers and services and grow SOLID FOUNDATIONS for your business.
  • find YOUR VOICE and STYLE and feel confident and enthusiastic to speak about what you do.
  • TUNE IN with YOUR RHYTHM and find the right balance between BEING & DOING.
  • TRUST yourself and your INTUITION to define your BUSINESS STRATEGY.

So pick one short and sweet online course below, or hop on a call to see if I could be the right coach for you. The rest will follow when the time is right.

In peace,
Christel Mesey

My adventure as an Online Business owner

If you have been exploring my website, you already understand that I am multidimensional (or multifaceted).

It all started with the creation of the Drao Oracle Deck and the opening of my Energy Practice. At first, I didn’t know how to showcase them, so I created one website to promote my activities and one online shop for my creations.

For a while, I felt it was separate activities, one around ENERGY WORK & COACHING and one around ART. Then came the other aspect of WEB DESIGN as several friends asked me to create their websites, which added confusion and resistance on my part.

Yet I didn’t refuse the calling; I realized it was all connected at some point. Each aspect of my services speaks about growth, owning your voice, daring to be you, and owning your space… And that all was about energy, whether through coaching, design, art, or light language and meditation.

So today, I feel happy and free to be me as one rather than trying to split myself into different boxes.

And the truth is, many of my clients are multifaceted too. Therefore, I have a blast working with them and helping them find their way to embody and express their uniqueness.

Christel Mesey