Business Doula - Solopreneur Mentoring for Solopreneur by Christel Mesey

Your business:
an expression of your essence

Creating your business was not an option; it felt like evidence that needed to happen. Some will name it calling, others a life crossroad where their path took another turn in their lifestyle and work.

But for sure, your business, offer, product or practice had to be born!

Whether you are at the early stage of its creation or ready for a solopreneur expansion, something new is gestating in you, but you don’t have to birth it alone!

As a Business Doula, I’ll help you birth your offer, online program or vision for your business as well as your branding, according to your needs.

Yet something is slowing down your impulse to birth your idea.

Maybe you need a little push to get clarity on how to articulate your vision or your offer, could use some accountability and guidance to ensure you don’t get lost in your mind or your fears.

Or perhaps a truckload of questions are showing up, and you aren’t sure how to respond to it.

The Business Doula Mentoring is made for that. When I started a truckload of questions were poking my mind and my fears. They slowed down my progress and were sometimes hard to grasp or manage emotionally. Others were poking my perfectionism, my fear of lack or fear of being visible…

Business Doula - Solopreneur Mentoring for Solopreneur by Christel Mesey

These questions poluting my mind and slowing me down sounded like:

Connect with the essence of your offer!

While all these questions are valid, and need answering, they often derail our initial natural impulse and activate our minds and fears. They can create resistance and slow your process of birthing your offer, creating your business, or your to Solopreneur expansion.

That may show up in you falling into the “free tutorial” rabbit hole thinking that you have to learn dozen new things.

Alternatively, you are getting trapped in the comparison (and self-judgment) and start questioning yourself while looking at peers’ styles, websites, and social media presence. As a result, you struggle to find your own voice and style.

Or, like I did many times, you are getting stuck by a vision that feels too big, brings too much unknown, or is still blurry, and you need help figuring out where to start.

Clarity and Intuition help you take the right actions and decisions.

Your intuition is a great tool for your business!

Clarity is the first milestone to help your intuition and remove potential blocks that may prevent you from moving forward.

Gaining clarity and expanding your knowledge about your clients, yourself, your offer and all the tools that can help you propel your services, message or product toward the right people is like expanding the number of words or images your intuition & guides can use to support your journey.

It will also expand your confidence, help you  focus your energy on the right actions and decisions.


You feel ready to work on your offer, branding, website, sales page, leadmagnet or online program but don’t know where to start?

Jump on a 45-minute clarity call, and we will explore together what would be your next best action or focus area. The session might imply coaching, energy healing, design mentoring or technical mentoring depending on the session topic.


You created your website yourself and now want to ensure it is clear and conveys the right message to the right audience?

I’ll check your website to ensure that the messages are consistent, clear about who it is for, and clear about what you offer. Doing so I’ll wear my designer glasses, as well as my copywriter hat. I’ll then send you a video feedback with pointers to help you fine tune your website.

Discover more

Are you looking for someone to help you birth your offer or website while remaining in alignment with your soul and energy?

Then I’ll take you on a journey where you will create the energetical space for your business and help you find the technical tools that could help your business. It is a tailor-made approach with 1:1 mentoring and access to extra online programs.

Let’s bring your project to life with your Business Doula

Birthing an idea can be challenging, and as you put your energy, heart and mind to birth it, it becomes part of you. Or at least it feels like it, but while your business expresses your essence, it is not you. It is an entity you are co-creating with the Universe, and you are its ambassador or messenger here on Earth.

The game’s name here will be to find the right balance so that your work can be a healthy integrative part of your lifestyle.

My job as a Business Doula is to help you deliver your idea, ensuring that your experience as smoothly as possible the “breath & pushes” of birthing a business, offer, course or product.

Here is what we could work on together:

From vison to Roadmap

Having a vision can be overwhelming, especially when you feel that it is bigger than what you currently know or have ever managed.

But the truth is, you probably don’t need to deliver your vision all at once. Just like growing a family, a network or a garden, a vision blossoms along seasons.

Therefore, you want to release the pressure that your vision may have awakened. One way to do so is to map your ideas and assess what would be a priority.

I’m not talking about goal setting here, but tuning into your universe and seeing what would be the most beneficial next step and point of focus for you.

With this themed coaching we will:

  • Unveil your Universe and all it contains from your today’s lens.
  • Spot the part of your vision guided by your mind and beliefs around the must-do or must-have.
  • Tune in with the energetics of your vision.
  • Reveal why you are the lighthouse of this vision and its message.
  • Identify what is the priority to get to your vision and what are the next actions to take.
  • Integrate the notion of flexibility and adaptability so that your vision can grow with you rather than entrap you in a self-made cage.
  • Release the energy that may prevent you from embracing your vision.
  • Create an energetic space for your vision to come to life as smoothly as possible.

To get there, you will enjoy meditations, channelling, practical coaching and exploration of the technical tools that could support your vision.

Birth Your offer

It is easy to get caught up in our heads when we try to write or express what our offer is about. However, your offer needs love more than brain matter to take shape and grow beautifully.

Your offer is just like a child; if you only attend to its logistics, it won’t grow as well as if you nurture it with your joy, passion and enthusiasm.

Therefore, I’ll take you on a journey to help you:

  • Shape your offer according to its and your energetic imprint.
  • Find your way to express it while being very clear on what it is about.
  • Help you find the technical tools that could help you manage that offer (online or offline).
  • Connect with why the Universe chose you to convey that offer and its message.
  • See how this offer connects with your other offer, should you already have any or intend to create another soon.
  • Assessing its design and impact on your lifestyle to make sure it is well crafted and healthy for you.
  • Connect with your joy factor and learn how to use it as a healthy compass.

To get there, you will enjoy meditations, channelling, practical coaching and exploration of the technical tools that could support your offer.

Connect with your people

Finding who you can best serve is a challenge if you are anything like I used to.

At the core, you want to help everyone, but you also know that there are people that you can best serve than others. It is not a question of judgment, elitism, race or gender but of energy.

You have your specific energy and tempo, and it resonates with some people more than with others. You also resonate with some people more than others, and that shows up in you being able to deliver at your best when they become your clients.

Here we will:

  • Connect with the vibration of the collective you can serve best so that you can better feel and understand their needs.
  • Understand the points of resonance between your audience and you so that you can tap naturally into the right words and images to speak to them.
  • Explore your energy, your rhythm and tempo so that you feel equipped to say “yes” or “no” when agreeing to work with a client.
  • Explore how you think you would want to work with them to ensure that it remains ecological and sustainable for your lifestyle.
  • Identify where you can connect with them (online or offline) according to your vibration and natural disposition.

To get there, you will enjoy meditations, channelling, practical coaching and exploration of the technical tools that could support your vision.


Your branding is an expression of your essence. Through images and fonts, it speaks about your style and mindset. It informs people through a range of emotions, aspirations, and personal referencing and helps them feel and understand if you are the right person for them.

While you may think it is “just” about creating a logo, it is actually a way to help you be consistent with whatever picture or image you use on social media or your website.

Your visual consistency will help your people feel your coherence and grounding, reassuring them (even subconsciously) and helping you build a trustful relationship when connecting with you in person (or online).

To create your branding, we will:

  • Tune in with your colour scheme and vibration to find the atmosphere of your brand.
  • Explore your style (video, pictures, texts, etc.) so that you can find your natural way of expression.
  • Connect with your collective and see what could visually be appealing to them while being true to you.
  • Identify where you will show up and how.

You will also:

  • Practice on feeling ok to be seen.
  • Learn basics about design and how to make the most of Canva (free version).
  • Learn about how visual consistency is important to create trust (yet it does not mean being fully rigid either).

At the end of our work, you will have:

  • Templates that will give life to your website, social media pages, channel or newsletter.
  • A logo or visual identity.
  • A brand board to help you remain consistent in your future creations.

To get there, you will enjoy meditations, channelling, practical coaching and exploration of the technical tools that could support your graphic work.

Website Creation

Your website is an extension of your expression and essence.

Your website should express as much of your style and philosophy as your energy so that it speaks to the people you can serve best. Somehow it is the showcase of your practice or office, whether you are working online, offline, indoors, or outdoors.

What you want your visitor to experience when looking at your website is to feel your grounding and alignment. Words, images, or videos will help you convey that feeling and attract the people you can best serve.

My job is to help you express yourself and your essence while engaging with your audience. It is also to craft a website that looks and feels like you so that you can concentrate on its content.

To start creating your website, you will need to be clear about the following:

  • Your offer
  • Your clients

If you are not yet, you want to start with that, and then we will get to

  • your Branding

And finally, craft your website with

  • Organising your visitor’s journey and mapping your content.
  • Applying your colour scheme and branding into a conducive design.
  • Craft a design that looks great on mobile (85% of the traffic to a website starts there) and on a computer.
  • Copywriting coaching so that you get appealing texts that speak clearly to your people.
  • Connecting your website to the tools needed (CRM for newsletter, calendar or booking, access to membership, possible automation to gather emails)

To get there, you will enjoy practical coaching and exploration of the technical tools that could support your website and ease your work.


Then hop on a free discovery call to tell me about your project and we will see how we could bring it to life!

Sneak a peak at my website and branding creation portfolio

The beauty of helping my clients to become autonomous with their websites is that they can adapt and change them whenever they need or want. As each website is constantly evolving, I’m showing you in videos what I delivered to them, but since then, their site may have evolved with them.

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