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Christel Mesey

Intuitive Artist, Author, Healer & Coach

So, about my creative process…

First, I get a tingling between my shoulder and neck that tells me that something needs to come out on paper. Sometimes I sketch some raw lines from a picture that pops in my head, but most of the time, I let movements create shapes and discover the image while doing it. It is like unfolding a story. I use meditation to let my mind rest while I draw so that what needs to be shared comes as purely as it can.

It all started with an anime

Believe it or not, my art journey started because of anime. In my teens, I wanted to draw the San Seya characters so badly that it taught me to draw my first pieces. I then evolved into cloth design during high school to finally learned various art techniques while navigating the Geneva Arts Decorative School.

Getting out of Art School, I dropped my brushes and pencil for over 15 years. I discovered the world, traveled as a humanitarian worker, and used my camera as the tool to paint what I was seeing.

In my mid-30ths, I got a massive life shift and awakening that embarked me on a self-healing and lightworker journey.

I connected or should I say became conscious of the interaction between my intuition and art during meditation. Letting energy and information I was picking from the Universe guide my hand was a massive letting go of control. But it also allowed me to receive and transmit messages through channeling in a way I never would have imagined.


I love dry pastel chalks

It is raw, soft, sensual, and allows me to let my both hands dance on paper.

It is like immersing myself in the material, and I must confess, my inner kid has a blast having colored hands at the end of creation.

Dry pastels reconnected me with the joy of drawing, and it is to my eye the perfect material to offer healing and beauty in the world.


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