Art intuitif

Vibes illustration

When art meets energy healing, it brings an amazing surprise in colours and words. The image touch what is to look after in you, a wound to heal, a perception to change, a part of you that you tend to ignore and need your attention. The surprise is offered by your being, your heart and the wise self.

Inspiration is fuelled by the rhythm of your heart beat and the messages it wants to share with you. Each beating creates a wave that guides my hands to express shape and words.

For a person

  • Highlight a milestone of your life
  • Reinforce your connexion soul-awareness-heart
  • Receiving a message from your soul and guides

For a place

  • Harmonize a living place
  • Create a benevolent atmosphere filled by your intentions

Intuitive logos et illustrations

Professional use

Images are touching the heart of people, it is therefore important, when you want to offer a product or a service, to have an image matching your being, your personality, your aspirations and philosophy. This is exactly the added value of intuitive creation for:

  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Greeting cards or invitation for events
  • Flyer or poster
  • Book or album cover

You can even set the atmosphere of your office through a larger piece with an intention setting such as: relaxing my client, clearing the room energy, etc.

This logo is a great success!!! I enjoy it everyday and have only positive feedback!

Ariane Girod

Kinesiology - Access Bars - Facial Lifting

I especially liked the mixed of professionnalisme, efficiency, intuition and creativity. It is real added value. This is the reason why, when I needed an image for my second project, I immediatly asked Christel to take care of it

Solange Bocquet

Animal communication and self-confidence workshops,

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